2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
The next well of the Malay field gave a industrial gas inflow
The next well of the Malay field gave a industrial gas inflow

At the Malay field, as a result of drilling another well, an industrial gas flow with a flow rate of more than 400 thousand cubic meters per day was given.  The drilling works were carried out by the foremen of the «Turkmengazburavlayysh» department of the State Concern «Turkmengas».

For many years, this field has been efficiently producing natural gas, as well as supplying natural gas to the Turkmenistan-China interstate gas pipeline.

To ensure reliable gas supplies to consumers in the long term, the department is consistently developing the resource base of the field.  The new productive well will help increase the export deliveries of «blue fuel».

Recently, at the Agarguyy site, located near the Malay field, the management accepted two wells for further development.  The drilling of one of such wells these days has been started by the miners of the Earth's bowels of the expedition «Lebapnebitgazgozleg» of the State Corporation «Turkmengeology».

Over the past six months of this year, the growth rate for the production of natural gas by management amounted to 142%.  In particular, 6 billion 134 million cubic meters of «blue fuel» were produced, as well as over 24.2 thousand tons of gas condensate.  Thus, the planned production plan for the first half of the year has been successfully fulfilled.