The total area of ​​the training and technical center is 27492.2. The center currently employs 47 people, of whom 5 are administrative staff, 12 are managing staff, and 30 are contract teachers for the new academic year.

The center is under the auspices of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex and is a state self-supporting center of primary vocational education that implements an initial vocational education program.

Training, retraining and advanced training of specialists is carried out in the center, translation work (English, Russian, Turkmen) is carried out at the expense of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex or subordinate institutions, enterprises, as well as citizens on a contract basis.

In recent years, thanks to the tireless care of our esteemed President for the social and economic development of the country, in the Training and Technical Center for the 2021 academic year at the TOPC Center, a 3-storey educational building has been built and two reservoirs, a parking lot, a sports ground, an outbuilding of the training center are planned.


  • In 1984 (17th Krasnovodsk secondary vocational school), the State Union of Vocational Education “Senet” awarded the “Red Banner” for increasing the number of students to 1000 people.

  • In 2017, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Training and technical center, our center was awarded a valuable gift from the trade union organization of the TOPC.

Founder: Turkmenbashi oil processing complex.

Legal address: Balkan velayat, Turkmenbashi city, Asudalyk street, house 40.


745005 Turkmenbashi city, Asudalyk street, house 40

Phone: +993 (243) 5-87-58; +993 (243) 5-87-52; +993 (243) 5-87-54

Fax: +993 (243) 5-87-51