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Youth in Demand in Modern Society

The upbringing of an erudite, comprehensively developed younger generation, who are the future of the country and its people, is a task of national importance. A worthy contribution to this truly noble cause is made by teachers and specialists of vocational school No. 15 of the Sey...

TCOR: Confident Steps to New Heights
TCOR: Confident Steps to New Heights

Our country has about 10 percent of the world’s proven oil resources, which undoubtedly causes a feeling of immense pride in every Turkmen citizen. The use of this incalculable wealth of the Turkmen land in the interests of our people is one of the priorities of the state pol...

Fruitful Work of Oilmen

Specialists of the production divisions of the Türkmennebit State Concern successfully cope with the tasks of the effective industrial development of deposits rich in hydrocarbon raw materials. The enterprises of the Concern are implementing plans to increase the production of...

Employees of the Gündogargazakdyryş Directorate are at the Forefront in Supplying the Mary and Lebap Velayats with “Blue Fuel”

Through the efforts of the employees of the Gündogargazakdyryş Directorate, which is the largest advanced production unit of the Türkmengazakdyryş Association, in order to ensure the round-the-clock provision of the population of the Mary and Lebap velayats, as well as or...

Lebap drillers are confidently moving towards their targets

It is not accidental that the names of the members of this labor collective are listed among the pace-makers not only in the Lebapnebitgazgözleg Expedition, but also at the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation. This publication will focus on the activities of a team ...

Cheleken Is a Storehouse of Hydrocarbon Resources

The comprehensive introduction of the latest achievements of science and best practices in production finds a worthy solution in the fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan. A striking example of this is the receipt at the beginning of the past year of an abundant flow of oil from ...

Successful Start of Geophysicists

Thanks to the regular support provided by Arkadagly Serdar in the development of the oil and gas industry, which is the main branch of the national economy of the state, and an increase in the production of hydrocarbon raw materials, specialists from the Production and Technologica...

Roadshow in Dubai to present projects from hydrocarbon development to green energy in Turkmenistan

The Roadshow to Attract Foreign Investments in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector will be held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dubai on April 26 and 27, 2023. The Roadshow‘s principal organizers are the State Concerns "Turkmengas" and" Turkmennebit", and the...

Confident Tread of Oil Refiners

Large-scale transformations have been carried out at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries of the Türkmennebit State Concern since the first years of independence of our country.

As a result of investments in the amount of billions of US dollars, modern catalyti...

In a New Building, in Comfortable Conditions

Under the wise leadership of the national leader, Turkmenistan is confidently moving forward along the path of progress and prosperity. As a result of the ongoing transformations in the field of urban planning and the construction of new villages, our homeland today resembles with ...