2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Well-coordinated work in the branch

Zerger branch is one of the largest branches of the Turkmenabat bulk plant. Various types of oil products from the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries are regularly supplied here. The presence of a sufficient number of tanks and engineering systems in the branch allows coordinat...

Comprehensive preparation for the winter season

Gas workers of the gas sector of the Saparmurat Turkmenbashi etrap of the “Dashoguzgazupjunchilik” office, along with ensuring uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the population and enterprises of the westernmost region of the region of our national treasure, have ov...

Akbulak, rich in raw materials

- The Koytendag etrap of our country is rich in resources. The Turkmen leader set specific tasks in order to use these resources for the benefit of the development of our country. Powerful production facilities are being built that rely on local raw materials to successfully implem...

The interaction of Turkmenistan and China serves as an example of a fruitful partnership

Representatives of foreign business circles and the world press were greatly interested in the announcement that Turkmenistan had fully repaid the loans provided by China for the implementation of projects in the gas sector.

This information was published by the media of ...

In honor of the glorious date

The labor collectives of organizations and enterprises of the main branch of the national economy - the oil and gas complex of the state with worthy gifts are meeting the glorious date, which is widely celebrated this year in our country - the 30th anniversary of the Independence o...

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: “Turkmenistan has earned recognition in the world as a reliable partner”

An important event of this year, marked by the 30th anniversary of the independence of our Motherland, was the International Forum on Attracting Investments to the Oil and Gas Sector of Turkmenistan, held in Ashgabat on May 12-13. The forum, which aroused great interest in the busi...

Gas workers striving to reach high levels

Gas workers of the “Daşoguzgazakdyryş” Department of the State Concern “Turkmengaz” mark the current year with high standards, passing under the motto “Turkmenistan - Motherland of Peace and Trust”. Workers-specialists of the department, these da...

Innovative technology to optimize pipeline construction

We hope that the robot developed at our university will show good results in improving and optimizing the laying of oil and gas pipelines, pipelines in the fuel and energy industry, pipe-building for national economic production, and improving performance in terms of speed and qual...

The goal is to contribute to development

Among those who enthusiastically contribute to the improvement of the social and living standards of the population, the rapid development of our country, there are also competent executive workers of the Geological exploration party "Koytendag" of the Turkmen geological ...