2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
It will be provided safe rest of citizens on the coast of the Caspian Sea in the summer
It will be provided safe rest of citizens on the coast of the Caspian Sea in the summer

Those wishing to relax in the summer in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” purchase package tours in tourist or other relevant local structures. By now, a total of 2 thousand 257 package tours have been booked. The citizens who acquired them were issued the appropriate permits from the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. They were also vaccinated against COVID-19 at special points located in the Health Homes in velayats and the capital.

In the hotels “Seýrana” and “Hazyna” at NTZ “Avaza” there was created a point “Ambulance assistance”, provided with medicines and medical supplies for the provision of emergency medical care. All hotel complexes of the seaside resort also provide pharmacies with a full range of necessary medicines. Service the personnel underwent medical examination and vaccination in accordance with the established procedure.

The territory of the tourist zone has been properly established the work of checkpoints. For citizens arriving on vacation, hotel transport services are provided. Express testing for COVID-19 has been established in the parking lot at the “Avaza” NTZ. A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) apparatus has been installed in the Avaza etrap health center and the laboratory of the Turkmenbashi city sanitation and disease control service. Thus, currently in the city of Turkmenbashi and NTZ “Avaza” operates 3 such devices.

During the holiday season, from June 1 to September 1 of this year, in adequate measures are provided for the movement of vehicles in the national tourist zone “Avaza”. At the entrance to the tourist zone, a round-the-clock checkpoint was created, in which employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, and the State Migration Service were involved.

Purposeful steps were also taken to ensure public order during the holiday season, compliance with traffic rules and fire safety, and in this context - the effective use of specialized equipment, and in particular, video surveillance systems. There is also a round-the-clock watch of lifeguards on the water.