2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
An exemplary mentor

Murad Myatzhikov, who has been working at the Gubadag oil enterprise of the “Türkmennebitönümleri” Main Directorate for more than 20 years, along with many years of practical experience in providing services to consumers, has also accumulated significant knowledge and skills in working with oil and oil products.

M.Myatzhikov, who is currently working approximately at the gas station No. 124, located on the territory of Abadanlik Geneshlik along the Gubadag-Amu Darya highway, with great pride talks about the great influence on the improvement of their professional skills on the labor path of such class I mentor operators, with 30 years of experience as Khudayberdy Ballyev, Atazhan Amanov and Dursunbai Nurjanov.

“Our company operates 6 modern petrol stations, which are located mainly along highways. Those stations that serve the population around the clock are equipped with the latest computer equipment for refueling from the world's leading companies. Our 124th gas station, located along the Gubadag-Amu Darya and Gubadag - Ak Altyn transport routes, along with providing for the local population, provides services to residents of the Amu Darya, Baydak, Jeyhun and Gokyaila geneshliks passing here, filling their cars with various types of high quality fuel. Highly cultured service to consumers who come here is one of the most important requirements of our era of happiness. In this regard, with valuable advice and comprehensive support, we help our young employees like Ainur Metenova and Rustam Seyidov, who work with us at our station,” the mentor tells about his daily work.

The second-class operator Merdan Karlyev, who runs the station, emphasizes the importance of fuel trucks, which specialize in the timely delivery of various types of petroleum products to the filling station. According to him, Otuzbay Gurbanov, Bayram Babyshov, Nurmurad Bayarov, Meilis Arazov and Saparbay Karaev professionally own modern KAMAZ-65115 fuel trucks with a carrying capacity of about 10.5 tons, which were purchased by the esteemed President from the Russian Federation. Diesel fuel and motor gasoline of grades A-95, A-92 and A-80 are delivered by them to filling stations every day without interruption.

—Murad is one of the most exemplary workers. He has such abilities that allow him to find a common language with any person, to leave any visitor satisfied. Therefore, the drivers who come here are grateful to him for the services rendered, says M. Karlyev with satisfaction.