2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Information about educational activities at the Training and technical center of the TOPC

Training at the Training and technical center of the TOPC is carried out in accordance with a specially approved work plan. The curriculum is revised from three academic years, if necessary, for the new academic year.

In the Training and technical center of the TOPC, for 1.5 years such specialties as “Accounting” are studied, for 10 months – “Laboratory assistant of chemical research”, “Oil refinery operator”, “Commodity operator”, “Communication operator”, “Electrician”, “Document flow and information about organizational work”, “Instrumentation and automation”.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 296 students took 1.5-year and 10-month vocational training courses in the areas of “Accounting”, “Laboratory assistant for chemical research”, “Oil refinery operator”, “Commodity operator”, 1,172 students underwent short-term vocational training and advanced training.
The Training and technical center also maintains close contacts with various institutional enterprises. Companies such as the Polymer Plant in Giyanly, the International Sea Port, Petronas Carigali Turkmenistan Sdh.Bhd, Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan Ltd), ES Petro Gas Asia, BKLIF, Bright Development train the necessary personnel for soldiers and personnel of military units, and also organize the necessary training for advanced training, improvement and retraining of personnel.
Short-term vocational training in such areas as “Fireman”, “Electric gas welding”, “Loader”, “Cook”, “Computer literacy”, “Assembler”, “Truck driver”, “Truck crane operator”, “Crane driver”, “Wheeled crane operator”, as well as training, advanced training, training and retraining of employees of institutions.

The Training and technical center also organizes open lessons and educational events. Open lessons were held on the topics: “Advertising” from “Marketing”, “Innovative policy of a financial manager at the micro level” from “Financial management”, “Accounting for cash and business transactions with cash” from “Accounting”, “Water. Composition and characteristics of water” from “General chemistry”, “Carbohydrates” from “Organic chemistry”, “Necessary equipment in the laboratory and auxiliary instruments” from “Equipment”, “Microflora of food products” from “Microbiology”, “Turkmenistan is the homeland of Neutrality” from “Modern Turkmen society”, “Technological Regulations. Organization of technical safety measures and sanitary work” from “Special technology”.

In order to popularize the profession and attract citizens to training, in April-May of each academic year, events are held among schoolchildren, military enterprises and soldiers of military units, open days are held with the participation of these agencies and parents. It features videos from teacher classes, internships, student presentations, video tutorials, and exhibitions.


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Deputy director for academic affairs: A. Abaeva