2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
The issue of the journal "Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan" has been published
The issue of the journal "Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan" has been published

In the days of celebrating the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan, the third issue of this year's magazine "Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources of Turkmenistan" of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" was published.  The magazine covers the main events and trends in the fuel and energy complex of our country and presents an analysis of ongoing reforms in the economic direction.

On the pages of the journal, which is published in three languages, articles are posted by employees of the oil and gas complex and scientific organizations, teachers of the IOGU named after Y.Kakayev.  There you can learn the opinions of leading experts, analysis of the current situation, forecasts, statistics and facts, learn about the latest technologies and modern equipment, research conducted by Turkmen scientists, the successful implementation of the programs of the President of Turkmenistan.  It should be noted that the publication is well-designed and well-printed.

The periodical opens with an article by the editor-in-chief of the magazine Mukhammetmyrat Atagarryev and the leading specialist of the foreign economic relations department of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" Gulyalek Yuzbashieva.  The article provides an overview of the work performed and the achieved boundaries of the oil and gas sector of our country over the years of independence.

Next is an article by the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of IOGU named after Y.Kakayev Arslan Geldymyradov, dedicated to the technology of control and operation of underground gas storage facilities.  Its author reveals the topic of underground gas storage facilities, the creation of artificial gas fields, talks about the potential of the geological structure of Turkmenistan.

Ramazan Udumov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Innovative Technologies and Analytics of the Oil Industry of the State Concern «Turkmennebit», highlighted the development of the oil industry over the years of independence, the prospects for the development of the oil industry, and the results of cooperation with foreign companies.

The article by the Deputy Chairman of the SC "Turkmennebit" Guvanch Agadjanov and the candidate of technical sciences, researcher of the scientific research institute of natural gas of the SC "Turkmengas" Annaguly Deryaev provides the readers with a scientific analysis of the rational development of oil wells, the correct choice of the use of installations for the rational use of fields, etc.

The relevance of the articles of researchers, teachers, specialists of the SC "Turkmennebit" and SC "Turkmengas" undoubtedly makes them in demand not only among specialists, but also among numerous readers in our country.