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New inflow of hydrocarbons received at the Sherepli gas field
New inflow of hydrocarbons received at the Sherepli gas field

Recently, drillers of the "Turkmengazburavlaiysh" Department of the State Concern "Turkmengas" received an industrially significant flow of natural gas from the operational and appraisal well No. 02 of the Sherepli gas field.

Well drilling has been brought to a depth of 2,333 meters.  An industrially significant inflow of "blue fuel" was obtained at a depth of 2,297 meters to 2,291 meters.  The work of the drilling crew was carried out for five months under the guidance of an experienced drilling foreman Gurbangylyj Amangylyjov.

The high-performance, well-coordinated work of modern specialized motor transport equipment and gas construction mechanisms of the motor transport enterprise of the State Concern "Turkmengas" contributed to the creation of conditions for the successful completion of well drilling on time.  To date, according to experts, the flow rate of the well is about 628,000 cubic meters of natural gas per day.

According to geologists, such volumes of “blue fuel” are already at the initial stage a clear sign that the new field has rich gas deposits.

“Geologists Guvanch Gurdov, Yazmukhammet Eyupov, drillers Kakabai Chetiliev, Byashim Gochchiev, drillers of the pilot team Baba Babaev, Batyr Orazov, Gadam Bagiyev, Orazgeldi Charyev made a significant contribution to the successful drilling at production well No. 02,” the chief geologist of the department  Muhammad Saparmyradov said.

The main feature of the extracted production of this well is its pure composition, without hydrogen sulfide impurities.  This ensures that the quality of natural gas produced from the Shereplinsky gas field is in full compliance with international standards.

Consequently, there will be a high economic benefit from the product extracted from this field.

According to the plan developed by the State Concern "Turkmengas", the gas workers of the "Turkmengazburavlaiysh" department are currently drilling wells at the Sherepli, Kelleli, Garabil gas fields located in the Mary region at a high pace.

- Inspired by labor successes and regular support from the state in the development of new hydrocarbon deposits, gas workers express their sincere gratitude to the leader of the nation - the Hero of Arkadag and the respected President - Arkadagly Serdar, Muhammed Saparmyradov said.