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Uninterrupted gas supply to Shatlyk consumers
Uninterrupted gas supply to Shatlyk consumers

Specialists of the «Shatlykshahergaz» gas business enterprise of the «Marygazüpjünchilik» administration of Mary region provide uninterrupted gas supply, high-quality service for gas equipment and gas pipelines.

Gas workers are responsible for the quality of maintenance and repair of gas equipment in residential buildings and institutions. Currently, about 1,700 residential buildings, as well as about 68 institutions and enterprises operating in the city of Shatlyk have been served at the highest level. Gas workers also control 2 units of gas distribution and 30 units of gas control equipment.

In addition, highly qualified specialists regularly carry out explanatory work on the safe use of natural gas among the population.

The company's specialists are also involved in connecting gas networks to new residential buildings in the growing and developing city of Shatlyk.