Commercial gas inflow was obtained at the new well of the Galkynysh field
Commercial gas inflow was obtained at the new well of the Galkynysh field

An industrial inflow of natural gas was obtained at a new production gas well No. 271 of the Galkynysh field, drilled at a depth of 4,665 meters.  Successful drilling work was carried out by the gas workers of the “Turkmengasburawlaiysh” department of the State Concern “Turkmengas”.

 High-pressure gas inflow was obtained at a depth of 4518 to 4333 meters, the total length of the reservoir was 105 meters.

 Drilling work at the new production well was carried out by domestic specialists, including many young, promising workers, in whom the Leader of the Nation and the head of the Turkmen state see the future of the country and have great confidence in the young generation.

 “In the successful implementation of drilling operations, the timely completion of construction and commissioning of new wells, a particularly important role is given to advanced equipment purchased by the state, high-quality technological equipment, the presence of which determines the quality of work performed, long-term operation of wells,” as was said by Muhammet Saparmuradov, chief geologist of the “Turkmengasburawlaiysh” department.

 The chief geologist noted that during the drilling and construction of this gas well, saddle and pump-compressor pipes, Xmas trees, and column heads of the leading Japanese company Sumitomo were widely used, which correspond to the geological and technological characteristics of the Galkynysh gas field.

 At present, the department’s gas workers are drilling at other gas wells located within the Galkynysh field.