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Massive oil inflow was received at the next well of the Northern Goturdepe field
Massive oil inflow was received at the next well of the Northern Goturdepe field

A powerful oil inflow was recently obtained at a new well No. 392, drilled by employees of the Goturdepe drilling department of the State Concern “Turkmennebit” at the Northern Goturdepe field.

The Northern Goturdepe field, which has been developed at a high rate in recent years, testifies to the prospects of this project.  Drilling of production well No. 392 was recently successfully completed at the field, which has rich hydrocarbon reserves. Here, at a depth of 4,740 meters, a powerful influx of "black gold" was obtained.  The flow rate of the well put into operation is more than 57 tons of oil per day.

On the basis of a contract with the Ukrainian company Yugneftegaz, this well was drilled with a modern drilling rig.  Moreover, several oil reservoirs were discovered during drilling.  This means that when the raw material in one of the layers is exhausted, oil will be extracted from other layers, thereby the life of the well will be 15-20 years.

This well is operated by the flowing method, which is also economically viable.  Now, at the same site, at the final stage, work is underway on well No. 365 with a design depth of 4,750 meters.  According to experts, new wells will also be productive.

In January-April of this year, the Goturdepe Drilling Department exceeded the production plan for rock drilling, drilling a total of 17,550 meters.  At the same time, three out of five drilled wells are commercial.

At present, the volume of crude oil produced at the Goturdepe resource area is one third of the “black gold” that is produced by the Turkmennebit concern as a whole.