2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
Provided the rate of growth of production of gasoline at the Seydi oil refinery

The Seydi oil refinery showed an increase of 158.9 percent compared to the same period last year. These positive results were achieved in the production of other products sold. These include diesel fuel, heavy vacuum gas oil and road bitumen. This means that the friendly team of a large enterprise will honor their word to celebrate the glorious holiday of the 30th anniversary of the country's independence with great labor gifts.

Turn to the results that have been achieved in the last seven months of this year, during the reporting period, the plant produced about 135.2 thousand tons of various brands of gasoline, about 77.6 thousand tons of diesel fuel, more than 22.8 thousand tons of heavy vacuum gas oil and about 19.5 thousand tons of road bitumen. It is  note that there is a growing demand for the company's products in the domestic and foreign markets and that the products are freely sent to consumers.

A large industrial enterprise in the eastern velayat of the country achieves high results due to the efficient use of production facilities. Successful management of developed production is a guarantee for achieving good results.

In recent years, a large range of work has been carried out to reconstruct the facilities of our enterprise, to build new production facilities. As a result, there were ample opportunities and favorable conditions for highly productive work. Our specialists work hard hand in hand for the coordinated organization of work at the sites, - said Akhmet Annamuradov, chairman of the trade union organization of the enterprise.

Our interlocutor emphasizes that no matter how perfect and to what extent the facilities are based on advanced technologies, human strength remains the main force in the industry, and adds that the issue of improving working conditions and social conditions of employees is always at the center attention, this issue is successfully resolved. A large team of real professionals in their field works hard at the enterprise. Each of the skilled workers successfully works in their workplace and makes a significant contribution to the success achieved. Among the production leaders are the operators Magtymguly Dzhumakuliev, Polat Orunov, the machinists Akhmet Ibragimov, Rustam Cholliev from the production workshop No. 1, the workers of the raw materials workshop Agamyrat Ereshov, Kasym Abdullaev, the laboratory assistants of the central laboratory Gulnaz Allanazarova and Gulnar Orunova and others.

In a conversation with employees of the enterprise, they express heartfelt words of praise and gratitude to Hero Arkadag. And this is no accident. Because the Dear President is a true patron and guardian of the working people. sIn recent years, several luxury homes have been built in Seydi for the families of oil refiners. Today, at the final stage, construction and installation work is underway for another four-storey residential complex with twenty-four apartments. This means that one group of happy employees of the enterprise will celebrate a glorious holiday in a new apartment. Inspired by the tireless efforts of the Head of State for the sake of creative work and a happy life, the workers of the oil refinery go boldly forward.