2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Modern works at "Kenar"

The complex of oil refineries in Turkmenbashi is making great strides in the preparation and placement of oil and petrochemical products that meet high quality standards. Here, various brands of motor gasoline, aviation and technical kerosene, diesel fuel, fuel oil, lubricating oils, polypropylene, heating fuel, coke, liquefied gas, construction and road bitumen, a number of oil and petrochemical products are brought into ready-made marketable form.

Almost all the oil supplied to the complex over the past nine months of the year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust" has been processed. In the positive results achieved in the sale of products processed at the enterprise in the domestic and foreign markets, an important role is played by the “Kenar” storage and loading oil enterprise. Over the last reporting period, the total volume of shipments of oil products to consumers from the “Kenar” enterprise amounted to three million tons. About half of the finished products were shipped to world markets, the rest to the domestic market. From here, ships and trains with oil products are sent by sea and steel routes to countries such as Georgia, Malta, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

Over the years of Holy Independence, our country has systematically carried out work on the repair and equipping of the ports previously operating here. Currently, the refinery accepts tankers with a carrying capacity of 5 000 tons without interruption. In the near future, it is also planned to build a new port here, fully complying with modern requirements. The construction and commissioning of an automated railway ramp for pouring and unloading transparent oil products on the territory of this enterprise almost three years ago is a clear indication that the reconstruction of the plant complex finds a worthy extension. Built as a result of the unprecedented efforts of our Hero Arkadag, this facility plays a role in increasing our country's economy. Thanks to the highly automated commissioning and commissioning facility, the annual capacity of the enterprise is equivalent to the complex shipment of 3.85 million tons of transparent oil products to consumers.

On this railway overpass, which is automated for pouring and pouring transparent oil products, products are poured into railway drums in specified quantities by type, and the weight of each of them is measured by electronic scales, and the corresponding documents are processed in an automated way, in accordance with the addresses. It is possible to prevent the loss of more than 300 tons of gasoline per year, as well as environmental pollution by capturing and collecting vapors generated when filling products into barrels. In the event of a fire at the facility, the system of timely detection and automatic extinguishing effectively works, which extinguishes it by means of foam, as well as equipment that sucks spilled oil from defective barrels and unloads it into special vats (containers), as well as prevents excess product from being poured into barrels ... It is these advantages that make it possible to ensure fire and environmental safety here, prevent product losses, exclude heavy manual labor, and improve the production culture.

The work carried out by the “Kenar” oil storage and loading enterprise also outside our country is of great importance. The company has also successfully organized the transit of goods. Uninterrupted unloading of oil products from tankers arriving from abroad by sea, filling into railway barrels and their transit transportation to the countries of destination is carried out without any loss. Currently, there are two points for loading oil products onto ships. In the near future, it is planned to build another such important point. This will have a decisive impact on the further development of the enterprise. Workers, engineers and technicians of this enterprise thank our Hero Arkadag for the wide opportunities created for conscientious work at such an important facility.