Fruitful Work of Oilmen

Specialists of the production divisions of the Türkmennebit State Concern successfully cope with the tasks of the effective industrial development of deposits rich in hydrocarbon raw materials. The enterprises of the Concern are implementing plans to increase the production of “black gold” and “blue fuel”, developed by Turkmen scientists, geologists and process engineers and based on the latest achievements of modern science and world experience. 

Currently, the gas lift method, which is widely introduced into production in the oil and gas production directorates of the Concern, is one of the main conditions for oil production from productive wells. Being fully aware of the importance of their work, each of the employees of the Goturdepe, Barsagelmez and Hazar gas compressor stations of the Gas Collection and Transportation Directorate of the Nebitgazçykaryş Trust works with full dedication. 

As a result of the efficient operation of the facilities, in the first quarter of the current year, the total volume of gas collected, purified, processed and directed to oil wells of the Concern reached 1 billion 298 million cubic meters. A considerable merit in this belongs to the labor collective of the Goturdepe gas compressor station. Thanks to this powerful facility, fitted with the most modern equipment, hundreds of oil wells in the Goturdepe deposit are operated using the gas lift production method. Today, the volumes of “black gold” extracted daily at this deposit amount to thousands of tons. 

The specialists of the Goturdepe Gas Compressor Station of the Gas Collection and Transportation Directorate, designed to make a worthy contribution to the successful implementation of the grandiose tasks set by the esteemed President for the Turkmen oil workers, achieve high production rates from year to year. The staff of the Station plans to celebrate this year, which is being held under the motto “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, with labor achievements. During the reporting period, the volume of gas prepared for use in oil wells amounted to more than 498 million cubic meters. It should be emphasised that this figure is equal to one-third of the work performed over the past three months throughout the Directorate. It is also necessary to say about the activities of the workshop for the production of carbon dioxide with a capacity of 1 ton a day. Carbon dioxide is widely used not only in firefighting, but also in producing carbonated drinks in the food industry. 

“The well-coordinated work of electronic computer systems, special repair shops and services for the operation of turbochargers, in a word, the uninterrupted production process of the gas compressor station is a key to our successful performance in fulfilling orders from oil production directorates. At present, the volume of high-pressure gas supplied to the oil wells of the Goturdepe OGPD reaches 8 million cubic meters. There are many employees in our team for whom work is a key to success in life. Professionals in their field, a dispatch center engineer Durdymammet Guvanjov, shift engineers Rejep Annaorazov and Bayram Bayramaliyev, an electrician Vitaly Sagbeyev and a car repairman Guych Hajigurbanov set an example to colleagues with their conscientious work, responsible approach to professional duties and desire to hone production skills,” the Head of the Station Deryagylych Tagangylyjov proudly says.