2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
The result of modern labor

Our independent, constantly neutral Motherland Turkmenistan is currently one of the richest countries in the world in terms of hydrocarbon reserves and is making every effort to develop and successfully implement large-scale projects in the fuel and energy sector. This is evidenced by the complex of oil refineries in Turkmenbashi, gas pipelines stretching to all corners of the world, as well as large-scale construction work for the construction of large enterprises.

The enterprises of the concern are carrying out modern work on the dynamic industrial development of oil and gas fields, increasing hydrocarbon raw materials. In this regard, the management of "Turkmennebitgeofizika" of the concern deserves special praise for the work done in the year "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust", which will also widely celebrate the holiday of the sacred 30th anniversary of independence.

It is well known that the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov constantly keeps in the spotlight and in every possible way supports the increase in the level of economic power of the national economy and the improvement of the socio-economic well-being of the population as a result of the worthy continuation of the modern work of the successfully developing fuel and energy complex of the national economy.

Based on the instructions of our Hero Arkadag, aimed at strengthening the industrial and export capacities of the fuel and energy complex of our country, modernizing industry structures through the introduction of innovative technologies, advanced developments in production, the implementation of the development program is becoming one of the most urgent tasks.

Possessing one of the most modern equipment and advanced technologies of the most developed countries of the world, the geophysicists of the enterprise, who successfully use them, managed only last year to master additional work for millions of manats according to the plan established for the reporting period. It is difficult to imagine the development and search for hydrocarbon raw materials in the fields of our independent Motherland without the effective work of specialists from the “Turkmennebitgeofizika” department. Geophysicists of this department carry out dozens of urgent works on in-depth studies of geophysical layers of the earth both in wells already in use and in wells rich in hydrocarbon raw materials, where drilling work is only being carried out, and, if necessary, blasting operations in productive formations.

Laboratories in Balkanabat, as well as vehicles equipped with powerful modern specialized laboratories purchased by our national Leader from abroad, in these important studies requiring precise definitions.

As a result of the tireless work of our Hero Arkadag over the past five six years, the management has become one of the most modern enterprises in the country, capable of performing the most important work using the latest technologies of the country's non-gas industry. Production expeditions of the management, equipped with high-tech equipment, services for the repair of logging and borehole geophysical equipment ensure the successful execution of these tasks. During the reporting period of the year, held under the motto "Turkmenistan - Homeland of peace and confidence," the total amount of work performed by management, exceeded 44 million manat. This means that the department overfulfilled the planned targets by 5.3 million manat over the seven months of this year. With constantly growing production orders, the contribution of industrial-geophysical expeditions to the cities of Khazar and Ekerem, expeditions to install computer-technological and high-tech equipment in Balkanabat has significantly increased. The relevant management structures are currently successfully carrying out geophysical surveys and other important work on the developed wells of the fields in the western region of the country. Each of the geophysicists is immensely proud that with his honest work he makes a worthy contribution to the growth of the economic potential of our Fatherland, and sincerely thanks our Hero Arkadag for the enormous opportunities that allow them to achieve high production rates.