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New products of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex
New products of the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex

The production of a new brand of aviation fuel, Jet A-1, has begun at the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex. This is the European analogue of the TS-1 aviation kerosene produced by the enterprise. Jet A-1 is used in gas turbine engines of civil aviation aircraft in Europe, USA and Canada, including Airbus and Boeing airliners.

The new fuel of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries meets international aviation standards and is certified by the Main State Service “Turkmenstandartlary”. Its production is carried out at the existing plant with a capacity of 525 thousand tons of products per year, which was put into operation in 2008. The complex was designed and supplied by the American company “Merichem Chemicals Refinery Services LLC”, assembly and installation was carried out by Turkmen specialists.

Expanding the range of light oil products produced and increasing their output is one of the main tasks set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the country's petrochemists. Thanks to large-scale modernization, today TCoOR is the largest producer of motor gasolines, diesel fuel, aviation kerosene, polypropylene in the region, which are in high demand on world markets.

The first batch of new jet fuel Jet A-1, obtained as a result of deep purification of raw materials, is planned to be sold through the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange.