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Assessment of natural resources of the Koytendag region continues
Assessment of natural resources of the Koytendag region continues

The Koytendag region has significant natural resources. Specialists of the Koytendag exploration expedition of the State Corporation «Turkmengeology» actively and effectively participate in activities to use these resources for the benefit of the development of our country.

Currently, the specialists of this organization have carried out prospecting and exploration work at local deposits in order to identify new resources, as well as carried out a thorough assessment of their reserves.

As a result of research at the Bashhatyn deposit, large reserves of clay were revealed, at the Garajumalak deposit – significant limestone resources, as well as reserves of quartz sand at the Akgum deposit.  The identified resources are valuable raw materials for the Lebap cement plant, which was launched in 2013 at the foot of the Koytendag.

The Akbulak site is located about 40 km south-west of the city of Magdanly, and is distinguished by rich reserves of hard and light rock material called opoka.

Geologists carried out appraisal work on this site in 2011.  As a result, it was found that the average thickness of the rock element located on this site was 1.5 meters.  Research in the laboratory of a cement plant has shown that the quality of cement is improved by adding flask raw materials together with an active mineral additive.  This means that the quality indicators of the products manufactured at the enterprise will increase, and will differ in strength and endurance.