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The geography of liquefied gas exports is expanding
The geography of liquefied gas exports is expanding

The activities of the department for the production of liquefied gas in the Lebap region of the State Concern «Turkmengas» are aimed at increasing production volumes and expanding the list of exporters of liquefied gas.  For this valuable product produced at improved facilities, new export directions have been identified.

So, in the past 2021, supplies of liquefied gas from the eastern velayat of our country began to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The beginning of the current year was also marked by impressive production figures.  In January, the department produced about 8.4 thousand tons of liquefied gas, while the growth rate compared to January last year was more than 116%.

More than 5.4 thousand tons of gas condensate were produced and shipped for the Seydi complex of oil refineries.  Another batch of marketable products was sent to neighboring Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the export figures of liquefied gas at the Nayip and Bagaja gas fields for 2020 amounted to about 95 thousand tons.  The growth rate compared to 2019 was 105%.