The Team of the Lebapgazçykaryş Directorate Confidently Solves the Tasks Set

The performance indicators of the Lebapgazçykaryş Directorate of the Türkmengaz State Concern for seven months of this year give reason to predict the completion of the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag” with successful results. 

“We started this significant year with a confident step, and our indicators are growing with every passing day,” said Berdy Berdymetov, Head of the Central Production and Dispatching Service of the Directorate. “Over the seven months of this year, our Directorate produced over 7 billion 214.6 million cubic meters of natural gas. The plan was fulfilled by more than 127%. During this period, 4 billion 466.5 million cubic meters of ‘blue fuel’ were sent to consumers through the Malaý–Bagtyýarlyk gas pipeline. Most of these volumes were sent to friendly China.” 

The Service receives operational information from all gas fields located in the eastern region of the country. All information received is recorded, and then, based on the summarized data, appropriate reports are compiled. Judging by the latest data, in terms of production indicators, the leader among the sites is the Kukurtli linear production site, which is skillfully managed by Agamurat Jumabayev. Here is what he says about his work: 

“Over the past few years, the country’s oil and gas industry has reached unprecedented heights. All this became possible under the close attention paid by the head of state to the development of the domestic fuel and energy complex. Our goal is to work hard to reach new heights. Real masters of their craft are working on our site, together we will successfully complete this year, not yielding primacy to our colleagues in the Directorate.” 

Indeed, the gas production figures in this area are impressive. The figures speak for themselves – since the beginning of this year, the pace-makers of the Directorate have produced about 5 billion 960.3 million cubic meters of natural gas, thereby successfully fulfilling the seven-month plan. It should be noted that such indicators are achieved, among other things, due to the commissioning and efficient operation of a powerful gas compressor station at the Malay field. 

In increasing the volume of gas production, the repair and commissioning of wells that have ceased their productivity is one of the important tasks that the employees of one of the Directorate’s labor links for underground repair and well-workover operations skillfully cope with. Over the period since the beginning of the year, they have repaired 18 wells in the Malaý, Kerpiçli and Böwrüdeşik fields. Also, last month, a new well, No. 5, drilled at the Agarguýy site was put into operation. Owing to the productive activity of repairmen and drillers, additional volumes of the extraction of the valuable product are achieved. 

“The ultimate goal of our work is to increase the volume of natural gas production also through the effective use of the existing potential and the industrial development of new sites. To achieve our goals, we are provided with comprehensive support, and all the necessary conditions are created. For the care of the Hero-Arkadag and Arkadagly Serdar about our wellbeing, we will adequately respond with our honest and selfless work,” said the Head of the Directorate’s Department of Geology Berdy Kutliyev. 

Given the business spirit of gas producers, every day, week and month of their work are marked by success in achieving their specific goals. In total, the Directorate plans to produce 9 billion 740 million 427 thousand cubic meters of gas a year. The results achieved to date strengthen the belief that another productive year will enter the labor annals of gas workers, marked by bright labor success and fruitful results.