The happy youth with Arkadag Serdar
Successful Start of Geophysicists

Thanks to the regular support provided by Arkadagly Serdar in the development of the oil and gas industry, which is the main branch of the national economy of the state, and an increase in the production of hydrocarbon raw materials, specialists from the Production and Technological Service for geophysical study in the wells of the Mary field of the Türkmengeofizika Directorate successfully completed geophysical testing and other work at more than three hundred and twenty-five production wells belonging to the enterprises of the Türkmengaz and Türkmennebit State Concerns and the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation and entered the new year 2023 with tremendous production success. 

The replenishment of the fleet in 2022 with a new batch of specialized KAMAZ vehicles supplied with high-tech equipment and the purchase of modern tools and equipment, used for geophysical monitoring of wells, contributed to an increase in production efficiency. 

Currently, there are eight integrated geophysical teams operating at the Mary field, three of which are engaged in the geophysical monitoring and inspection of drilled oil and gas wells. They determine the depth and width of the well bored by drillers, soil layers, the condition of drill pipes and the quality of well pipe cementing and solve other tasks. 

According to experienced specialists of the Production and Technological Service, one of the most common situations is the blockage of pipes by the stratum during drilling operations in wells. In this case, geophysicists, using special measuring equipment, determine the depth of the pipe. Then, using geophysical methods, the pipe is released from the blockage by strata through shaking. After this technological work, the pipe is cleaned, thus the obstacle is removed.    

In addition to complex geophysical parties, the Production and Technological Service for geophysical study at the Mary field has eight more geological and technological research teams that monitor drilling technology and geology around the clock, using advanced technological stations and equipment in drilled wells. Currently, the monitoring of the geology and technology of drilling production wells of the Galkynyş gas field, the 1st well of the South Mary field and other wells is being carried out. 

The employees of the Enterprise, which successfully started in the new year – 2023, by order of the enterprises of the Türkmengaz and Türkmennebit State Concerns and the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation are intensively conducting geophysical monitoring and inspection work in wells drilled in the fields of the Mary velayat, Şerepli, Kelleli and Ýylan, and also in the wells of the Uzynada field, located on the territory of the Balkan velayat. 

“At our Enterprise, specialists and workers with many years of experience make a worthy contribution to the development of our production, organizing geophysical monitoring and research activities in accordance with modern requirements. Among them, the head of the geological and technological group for the study of wells when drilling Serdar Kakageldiyev, the heads of the 27th and 28th parties Nurgeldy Atadurdiyev and Merdan Shalliyev, a 1st- category geologist Setdar Soyunov, a computer engineer of the equipment workshop Dovran Amanov and others set an example to young people and provide them with mentoring support,” the head of the Production and Technological Service Nurgeldy Atayev said.