2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Gifts for the holiday will be weighty

Workers and specialists of production sites located along the “Dovletabat – Deryalyk” gas pipeline of the “Dashoguzgazakdyrysh” management, one of the oldest enterprises of the “Turkmengas” State Concern, are preparing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Independence with their worthy labor gifts on a large scale these days.
This can be seen on the example of the works carried out these days by a friendly team of gas workers on supply of the population and enterprises and organizations of the velayat with valuable "blue fuel", to ensure uninterrupted supply of natural gas to foreign markets.

The management includes the Shatlyk, Garagum, Cholluk, Yylanly and Deryalyk production sites, more than 4500 kilometers of gas pipelines of various lengths and dozens of gas control facilities located along the main gas pipeline. One of the leading team workers, which monthly performs labor tasks in the year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust", is the production site "Deryalyk", located in the etrap of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi velayat. This site is the latest gas compressor station on the northern part of the “Dovletabat – Deryalyk” international gas pipeline. There is processed, cleaned, dried and at the level of international quality is sent to external markets precious "blue fuel", came from the production site "Yylanly", located in the south-east. In the nearest of 30th anniversary of Glorious Independence, a high labor inspires the spirit of every site employee and stimulates them to the new heights of prosperity.

This can be clearly seen at every stage of a gas compressor, gas distribution, gas drying and gas pipeline facility. While here, we have seen  how all work is carried out during the day by means of a digital system. Under the leadership of the head of the gas compressor service Mukhammetnepes Kakabaev, the work is being carried out in three shifts. Special attention should be paid to the essential work of locksmiths Sapardurdy Khaljanov and Khakmyrat Mamenov elimination of some failures that occur in service facilities in time. Each of the workers and specialists of the gas drying service, the electricity and water supply service, the electrochemical protection service also contributes to the well-coordinated work and to the uninterrupted supply of Turkmen gas to Europe. We were clearly convinced when we were on the site on a creative business trip. The site managers are proud to say that the well-coordinated work of gas facilities is achieved as a result of the combined efforts of such workers and specialists as Mukhammet Taganov, Durdymyrat Khidyrov, Begench Yazberdiev, Dovranmyrat Garadzhaev from the Electricity and Water Supply Service, Sapardurdy Matgurbanov from Electrochemical Protection Service current and Bayramdurdy Khojaguliyev, thanks to whom every working day is filled with high indicators.

Natural gas coming from the Yylanli gas compressor station, after passing through the dust collection and cleaning systems, is sent to the gas drying units using gas compressor units. There, under the leadership of the head of the service Batyr Dzhumidzhikov, as a result of extraordinary efforts, operators-gas dryers Tachmyrat Atajanov, Muzaffar Saltyev, and laboratory assistants of chemical analysis Tazegul Mammetorazova and Akmengli Esenova, the liquid in the raw material is dried, the natural gas metering facility brought into compliance with international standards is sent to the gas metering site, and from there goes to foreign markets.

- At present, at our manufacturing enterprise, more than 350 of our workers and specialists, who are masters of their craft, work day and night in the spirit of the Era of Happiness and Power. Guided by the main principle of the National Leader "The state - for the people!", The enterprise has created the necessary conditions for every worker to work in proper conditions, cultural activities. Near the place of work, on the territory of the village council named after Ashir Kakabaev of the etrap of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, there is a village of our workers and specialists, where all conditions for social security have been created. In the future, we will be inspired to work, responding to the Dear President's boundless concern for gas workers, and will ensure an uninterrupted flow of Turkmen gas to the world market with international quality. Our high results in this regard for 9 months of this year will be a worthy gift from gas workers for the historic date - the 30th anniversary of Independence, ”the site manager Vepa Baynazarov noted.