2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Well-coordinated work in the branch

Zerger branch is one of the largest branches of the Turkmenabat bulk plant. Various types of oil products from the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries are regularly supplied here. The presence of a sufficient number of tanks and engineering systems in the branch allows coordinating work on the uninterrupted reception, storage and dispatch of valuable products to consumers.

On weekdays, a large number of vehicles carrying fuel enter and leave through the wide gates of the branch. And for some time, equipment loaded with construction products was added to their ranks. There is a good reason for this. Here these days, along with the main activity, a wide scale of work related to the reconstruction of the branch is being carried out. This important order is being fulfilled by the builders of Lebap velayat section of the Repair and construction self-supporting department of the “Turkmennebitonumleri” Main Directorate.

- We carry out work on the repair of production and auxiliary buildings in the branch, the installation of vertical tanks for storing fuels and lubricants. A positive solution to the problem of supplying the necessary building materials and equipment allows us to increase our efforts more and more, - says the head of the construction organization Murat Azimov.

In the context of the constantly increasing number of technical means on the roads of our country, in the context of the expansion of the scale of communications, the issues of providing vehicles with fuel and the proper provision of technical service to them are also successfully resolved. The friendly and capable team of the named construction organization makes a significant contribution to this work. During the years of independence in the eastern velayat of the country they have built and commissioned several gas stations. At the same time, a large amount of reconstruction work was carried out on the territory of the velayat at bulk plants and their branches. Such efforts are essential to ensure the reliable storage of petroleum products and the uninterrupted supply of them to consumers.

- Ten vertical tanks with a total volume of 10.4 thousand cubic meters are being built in the Zerger branch. In most of them, the work is at the final stage. In addition, 2,400 square meters of asphalt was laid on the territory of the branch, fences were repaired, concrete curbs and lighting poles were installed. We also regularly exercise control over ensuring the high quality of construction and installation work, - the conversation about the completed work is supplemented by Batyr Joraev, chief specialist in the construction of the Production and Technical Department of the oil depot.

The construction organization has a large team of skilled and hardworking workers who have mastered the intricacies of their profession. In the above-mentioned branch, they carry out the necessary work with a high degree of coordination. And where skillful and friendly people gather, things always go ahead.