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Lebap drillers are confidently moving towards their targets

It is not accidental that the names of the members of this labor collective are listed among the pace-makers not only in the Lebapnebitgazgözleg Expedition, but also at the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation. This publication will focus on the activities of a team of drillers under the guidance of an experienced professional in their field. 

The team is led by the head of the drilling rig Halmurat Roziyev. For his significant contribution to the development of the Motherland and conscientious work, the experienced leader was awarded the jubilee medal “20th Anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan”. Halmurat then accepted the state award not only as a well-deserved recognition of his activity, but also as a trust placed on him by the state. This high award inspired him to new achievements. 

Over the past few years, drillers led by Halmurad Roziyev have been working on the most promising sites in the country, drilling wells one after another in the zone of rich deposits of hydrocarbon resources. 

Currently, they are working at the Uzynada field, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea. For several years in a row, large-scale exploration drilling has been carried out at this site. It was there that super-deep wells were drilled for the first time in the country. 

Such an important and responsible work was entrusted to the drillers under the leadership of Halmurat Roziyev, which is a worthy assessment of their high skill and professionalism. Thus, for the first time in the Corporation, an industrial inflow of oil and gas condensate was obtained from a depth of about seven thousand meters. This was followed by two more wells with a similar depth, which also gave a rich inflow of hydrocarbons. 

“Currently, we are successfully performing drilling at the 16th exploration well at the Uzynada field, the design depth of which is 6,800 meters. To date, more than 5,000 meters of depth have been drilled. We make every effort to complete the work in accordance with the requirements, according to schedule,” Halmyrat Roziyev says with confidence. 

Drilling foremen Murat Jorayev and Islam Soltanov, drillers Alym Dathudayev, Nurgeldy Yazov and Dovlet Tachmuradov, an engineer Umytjan Mustakov and an assistant driller Annamurat Gurbangeldiyev are masters of their craft, whose example their colleagues follow. As a result, the work is turning out well, and the intended goals are becoming closer.