2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
Efficient work of oil industry workers

At present, the enterprises of the “Turkmennebit” Group of Companies are increasingly expanding the production of hydrocarbons, their processing and transformation into high-quality food products and sales in the domestic and foreign markets, the introduction of modern technologies in production, as well as reliable technical equipment of the concern's enterprises.

In this regard, the work carried out in the “Galkynyshnebit” oil and gas production department is also distinguished by its modernity. The prospective subsoil of the Cheleken Peninsula, where the enterprise operates, is rich in hydrocarbons.

This means that the Cheleken field has a great future in terms of increasing the economic efficiency of drilling deeper wells in the conditions of Western Turkmenistan.

Over the past eleven months of the year, passing under the motto "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Confidence", the volume of oil production from the operating wells of the Cheleken Peninsula amounted to 49 thousand 883 tons. This is 4 thousand tons more than the volume provided for in the production plan.

Efforts to make efficient use of available resources in the enterprise are also yielding positive results. So, thanks to the rejected work of the management, as a result of the measures taken to increase the flow rate of the well, an abundant flow of oil was obtained at the well with low productivity at the Dagadzhik site.

The specialists of the “Nebitdag” drilling department have successfully completed work on the next well at a depth of 1 200 meters. The daily flow rate of the new well № 654 put into operation is more than 6 tons of crude oil.

At this time, specialists from the “Goturdepe” Drilling Department are preparing to start exploration work at well No. 707 at the West Cheleken site. As a result of development, an abundant inflow of oil is expected here, which in the future will significantly increase the production indicators of the “Galkynyshnebit” oil and gas production department.

- The enterprise carries out strict technical control of each productive well. The design depths of the wells currently being developed onshore range from 1200 to 2 750 meters. According to geologists, the prospective subsoil of the Cheleken Peninsula contains significant reserves of "black gold". Opening of deeper layers in the near future will be an impetus for reaching new heights of sustainable development. Since the beginning of this year, a number of wells have been properly repaired. Also, in order to increase oil recovery, vats with a volume of 50-100 cubic meters were installed on the territory of wells with low productivity. They allow you to get every drop of oil without unnecessary waste. The oil workers of the department thank the national leader for the wide opportunities provided to make a worthy contribution to the growth of the economic potential of our country. " - proudly noted the head of the geological department of the company Amanniyaz Sofiev.