2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
An important task – season preparations

Gas specialists of the Dashoguzgazupjunchilik department are currently working at a high pace to prepare gas networks for the autumn-winter season to uninterruptedly supply valuable "blue fuel" to the population and enterprises of the northern province. In this direction, attention should be paid to the activities of the gas economic enterprise "Geroglyetrapgaz" employees and specialists. The staff of the enterprise throughout the district’s territory is carefully preparing for the crucial period of the winter season. A significant contribution to the overhaul of gas pipelines and facilities as well the organization of the working process was made by the master Soltanmurad Sotanmuradov, the repairmen Allaberdy Begjanov and Khudayberdy Zhummiev, the electrician and welder Ovezgeldi Taganglyzhov from the district branch of the construction and installation department for gasification of the Dashoguz province of the "Turkmengazupjunchilik" association. Currently, they are conducting work on the reconstruction of the necessary sections of gas facilities located in the district territory and increase the capacity of gas pipelines supplies. As a result of their joint efforts on the works to overhaul the gas pipelines located on the district territory for the winter period that amounted to thousands of manats, the capacity of the entire gas network was significantly increased. Particularly, the events timely held by gas workers of the enterprise to prepare for the cold season in the center of the district of Gorogly city, in the territories of Bereket, Turkmenistan, Durdy Klych villages, as well as the reconstruction of a gas pipeline with a diameter of 159 mm in the Khuduk Muradov and Balysh Ovezov villages. The company's managers are proud to tell about the timely and high-quality work done at these facilities and about the exemplary work under the guidance of the master of the external gas pipeline monitoring service and gas distribution equipment Gurbangeldi Rejepov, repair mechanics Dovran Gurbangeldiev, Ore Velniazov, Amanmurad Rakhmanov. 

Meeting every glorious date celebrated in our country with decent labor gifts has become a noble tradition at our enterprise. It is well known that this year is marked by the glorious 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of the Motherland. The celebration of this glorious date in our country inspires our specialists to new successes as well. Natural gas is a national treasure of our state. The sacred duty of gas workers is to uninterruptedly provide our people with valuable "blue fuel" following our Hero Arkadag’s requirements. More than 1,200 kilometers of gas pipelines operating in the area, as well as more than 450 gas distribution and gas control equipment, are serviced in accordance with the requirements by specialists of the gas economic enterprise "Geroglyetrapgaz". This allows more than 22,650 households in the district to use natural gas uninterruptedly at any time of the year. In the future, we will respond to the great trust of our Hero Arkadag with our honest work and will meet the main holiday of our state with decent labor gifts," says with pride the mentor-gas engineer G. Rejepov, master of the service for monitoring external gas pipelines and gas distribution equipment.

It should be noted that, on the basis of the instructions of the distinguished President, effective work is also being carried out in the region to install gas meters in new farms for the rational use of natural gas. This is one of the main requirements of the era of happiness.