2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
No Failures to Be in the Gas Supply of the Town of Mary

Winter time is considered the period of the highest consumption of natural gas by the Turkmen people compared to other seasons of the year. In this regard, the gas workers of the town and etrap gas facilities of the Marygazüpjünçilik directorate organize in advance the process of uninterrupted provision of Mary residents with “blue fuel” in a crucial period. An example of this is the work of the team of the Maryşähergaz gas enterprise. 
In the plan for preparing the urban gas supply system of the administrative center of Mary velayat for the winter season, the tasks and actions of gas workers, who take an active part in its timely and high-quality implementation, are determined step by step. 

At present, gas workers serve gas pipelines of high, medium and low pressure with a total length of 425 km. Timely preventive maintenance in order to extend the service life of the pipes of the underground gas pipeline is part of the preparatory work of gas workers for the winter season. With the help of cathodic protection stations, the total number of which is 23 units, work is being carried out to prevent corrosion of metal pipes. This, in turn, gives positive results. 

The Maryşähergaz gas enterprise currently operates 16 gas distribution units and 297 gas control units. Their timely maintenance, lubrication, cleaning and adjustment is carried out by gas workers strictly in accordance with the schedule. With the construction of new residential complexes in the city, the question of their gasification also arises. So, in accordance with the national program, in Muhadov and Gokce residential complexes of the administrative center of the region, medium-pressure gas pipelines with a length of 240 and 130 meters, respectively, were laid, and gas regulators were also installed. 

In the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”, the gas infrastructure enterprise serves 38,499 households in the town and 287 organizations and enterprises of both the public and private sectors. In order to improve the operation of the gas supply system and uninterrupted provision of the urban population with “blue fuel”, gas workers are also engaged in the reconstruction of gas pipelines. To this end, pipes with low conductivity of the 760-meter part of the gas pipeline were replaced with pipes with a larger diameter. As a result of the reconstruction work, it will definitely be warm and comfortable in the houses of residents in the winter season. 

 “The state is for the people!” is the main slogan and fundamental doctrine of the ongoing reforms in our country, where the policy of radical social transformations is aimed at ensuring a high level of the people’s well-being. It is not surprising that in this chain of transformation process, the town of Mary expands and grows every day, and new residential areas appear on its territory. The task of the gasmen of this gas enterprise, in accordance with the goals outlined in the national program, is to build a medium-pressure gas pipeline with a length of 550 meters in the area of new buildings, and to carry out work on the reconstruction of a pipeline with a length of 800 meters in the Mülkbagşy residential complex. 

The inspired work of the gas workers of the enterprise instills confidence that the tasks assigned to them will be completed efficiently and on time. 

The team of the gas enterprise at every step feels the support from the state, provided for the development of the oil and gas industry. The technical base is being strengthened owing to the purchased high-tech production mechanisms from the advanced countries of the world. The mobile repair shop of the KAMAZ-43-118 brand with a complete set of electric welding equipment, grinding and turning machines significantly accelerated the pace of work, thereby increasing production volumes.     
Shamyrat Rejepov, the head of the Maryşähergaz gas facilities enterprise, shared his thoughts on this with us: 

“In the period of the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State, in order to address the social issues of the population, national and state programs are being successfully implemented, in accordance with which our main task is the uninterrupted supply of citizens with natural gas. Gas workers of the town’s gas facilities responsibly approach their professional duties, considering it their duty to make a feasible contribution to this good cause.” 

“In production, experienced specialists with many years of work experience, whose daily diligent work serves as an example to follow, stand out,” Sh. Rejepov said. “Such specialists as the enterprise’s safety specialist Kerim Jumayev locksmiths of the external gas pipeline service for maintenance and repair Jeyhun Nurgeldiyev, Bazardurdy Esenov and Yagmyr Durdiyev, locksmiths of the service for the operation and repair of household gas appliances Begench Artykov, Guvanch Bayramov and Hudaynazar Nazarov and mechanics of the accident prevention service Isgender Kuryadov and Shageldy Berdymuradov enjoy the respect of colleagues also as mentors,” he continued.