2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Elite house - a share of happiness

Having your own apartment is one of the most important issues for newlyweds. Young families in our country are widely supported. Our state provides them with various benefits. This positive approach helps in many ways to strengthen the family.

- Following the glorious holiday of the 30th anniversary of the great Independence of our Motherland, a large residential complex was opened in the city of Turkmenabat. Our family was also able to get a house from many residential apartments. This happy event doubled our festive joy and made us happy, - says Atajan Altybaev.

Our interlocutor works as a deputy chief accountant of the Lebap production department for the production of liquefied gas of the State Concern "Turkmengas". In 2014, he successfully graduated from the Yagshygeldy Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas with a degree in Engineer-Economist. Since then he has been working in this institution. In recent years, Atajan has worked diligently in various positions in the department, gaining experience. He continues to study on his own, to study the best practices. In 2019, he also completed an advanced training course for civil servants in commercial arbitration at the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan. His professionalism and abilities allow him to perform his duties impeccably. A group of such talented young specialists is working conscientiously for our country in such a new system as the production of liquefied gas. As a result of their friendly work, the production of liquefied gas, the main part of which is intended for export, and the production of valuable raw materials for the Seydi oil refinery - gas condensate, has high performance.

The issue of improving the living conditions of the employees of the department is not left without attention either. In recent years, in the cities of Turkmenabat and Gazodzhak, several elite houses with improved room layouts have been built and commissioned for the families of management employees.

As in all regions of the country, the construction of residential buildings in the city of Turkmenabat has become more widespread in recent years. A striking evidence of this is the simultaneous construction of multi-storey residential buildings on the road to the Turkmenabat International Airport, as well as the construction of 70 cottages in the city on the banks of the Jeyhun River, which has opened the doors wide for more than 600 families. This is one of the boundless efforts of our esteemed President for his people, which clearly demonstrates the triumph of the exemplary principle for the world "State for the people!"

Yes, on this day, following the noble traditions of our people, desterhans were widely spread in apartments with all the amenities for living. Happy people of the Epoch of Power and Happiness gathered around them and shared the joy of the new settlers, expressing their best wishes to them. On this memorable day in the life of Atajan and his wife Lachin, the joy and happiness of their parents knew no bounds. From the bottom of their hearts, they expressed gratitude to the Hero of the President, who in every work is guided by the well-being of the people and the country.