2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
After the Reconstruction, the Gas Station Works in accordance with the Requirements of the Time
hyzmat etmek

The united team of the Gubadag Oil Enterprise of the Türkmennebitönümleri Main Directorate, which carries out effective work to provide the people of Turkmenistan with high-quality oil products, successfully completed the first half of the current year. 

The employees of gas station No. 170 make a worthy contribution to the uninterrupted fulfillment of the planned obligations by the personnel of the enterprise this year proclaimed “The Year of the People with Arkadag”. Last autumn, the station was reconstructed and began to operate with a new design capacity – it is capable of servicing up to 1,500 vehicles a day. 

The station is fitted with modern computerized equipment that meets international standards. Today, drivers are offered high-quality services for refueling their vehicles. 

“After the reconstruction, which was carried out last year, drivers use the services of the renovated station with pleasure and great appreciation,” Tirkesh Gylyjov, an owner of a private car and a resident of the Bereketli gengeshlik, shares his impressions.  

“The station operates around the clock. Customers can pay for fuel both in cash and by bank transfer, using electronic bank cards. Therefore, the population of our region, represented by drivers of various vehicles, expresses words of immense gratitude to Arkadag and the head of state, who take care of the wellbeing of the Turkmen people,” T. Gylyjov says. 

Customers are satisfied with the services of the station, located on the eastern side of the Gubadag–Dashoguz highway, about a kilometer to the south from the town of Gubadag, where refuellers Babamurat Padarov, Akmurat Muradov, Shatlyk Balliyev, Vepa Agayev, Hemra Gurbanmuradov, Merdan Garliyev, Rustem Seyidov and Gundogdy Allayev work conscientiously under the supervision of the senior operator of the 2nd category Nurgeldy Amangeldiyev. 

There, diesel fuel and gasoline of grades A-80, A-92 and A-95 are always available, and the facility has created conditions that meet all the requirements for the uninterrupted work of refuellers and operators at any season of the year. 

Over the refueling equipment of the station and car parks, volumetric canopies are installed. To ensure fire safety, the gas station has a fire-protection corner equipped with the necessary inventory, equipment and a container with sand.  

In addition to this station, the enterprise manages five more gas stations fully equipped with modern advanced technologies and located along highways in the densely populated areas of the etrap – gengeshliks Abadanlyk, Amudarya and Babadayhan, these are gas stations No. 47, No. 124, No. 150, No. 152 and No. 177. 

The services of the employees of gas station No. 150, located on the territory of the Babadayhan gengeshlik along the Dashoguz–Boldumsaz–Koneurgench highway, are widely used by drivers of both this etrap and the Boldumsaz, Gurbansoltan eje, Koneurgench and Saparmurat Turkmenbashi etraps.