2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Comprehensive preparation for the winter season

Gas workers of the gas sector of the Saparmurat Turkmenbashi etrap of the “Dashoguzgazupjunchilik” office, along with ensuring uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the population and enterprises of the westernmost region of the region of our national treasure, have overhauled gas facilities and continue to organize work on their preparation for the winter season.

It should be noted that workers and specialists of the site maintain about 2,450 kilometers of gas pipelines of various pressures, as well as more than 670 gas distribution and regulatory equipment. The unified gas system operating in the etrap is maintained around the clock under the control of the gas workers of the site.

And this, along with the existing organizations and institutions in the etrap, will allow the population of about 21,700 households to enjoy natural gas even in the cold winter season.

As a result of the joint efforts of Seyitgeldi Erjanov, Hemra Pashshyev and Sultanmyrat Babajanov, repairmen-fitters of the Service for External Gas Pipelines and Gas Control Equipment, which is led by foreman Geldimyrat Annaev, one of the gas instructors at the site, gas distribution and regulatory equipment are properly inspected and overhauled. In this regard, the work of the gas and gas welder of the Service Gurban Halmedov and the electric welder Atajan Cholanbaev, who are carrying out the reconstruction and overhaul of the necessary places of gas pipelines in the city of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi and in the villages of etrap, are commendable. Repair work performed by workers and specialists of the site of gas facilities in the “Garavulgala” gengeshlik named after A.Kakabaev etrap, medium pressure gas systems with a diameter of 273 mm, in the village of “Arzuv”, gengeshlik Goshahovly, as well as a low pressure gas pipeline with a diameter of 159 mm, in the village “Kirshenoy” gengeshlik named after Gurbansoltan eje, characterize the high spirit of the Epoch of Happiness and Power.

The gas workers of the site, who are implementing such important tasks as the reconstruction of the necessary places of gas pipelines, replacing the existing ones with large-diameter gas pipelines, increasing the throughput of pipelines, since the beginning of this year, together with workers and specialists of the etrap branch of the gasification link of the Dashoguz velayat of the Construction and Installation Department “Turkmengazupjunchilik”, in accordance with the current programs of the President, are coordinating work on the gasification of new settlements.

As you know, some villages of the etrap are located far from the cultural zone. The specialists of the site say that in such settlements on the territory of the etrap, located in the Atgyrlane valley, as the villages of “Gurbankem”, “Gyshgum” and “Botendag”, effective work is also being carried out to provide the population with liquefied gas.

It should be especially noted that orders and requests for emergency elimination of gas equipment malfunctions that come to the gas utility section from natural gas consumers, under the guidance of the foreman of the Service for Communication and Troubleshooting of the Site Shohrat Taydjanov, are timely registered by dispatchers Guychmyrat Tuvakov and Akmyrat Ashirbaev and are eliminated as soon as possible.