2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
The expansion of gas pipelines is increasing

In 2021, passing on the initiative of the esteemed President under the motto "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust", a significant date will be celebrated - the 30th anniversary of the independence of our state. Employees of all sectors of the national economy, including the oil and gas sector, are selflessly working, having set themselves the goal of glorifying the current year with high achievements, which will be inscribed in golden letters in the new history of our Motherland.

Gas builders of the Construction and installation site in Mary region of the Construction and installation department for gasification of the “Türkmengazüpjünçilik” Association at the beginning of the year, by order of the “Marygazüpjünçilik” Office, laid 4074 meters of high and medium pressure gas pipelines in order to gasify the settlements of the region.

In the modern happy era, as a result of the distinguished President's attention to raising the social and living standards of the people, work on the reconstruction of gas pipelines previously built in the villages of the region has also been intensified. Now, in the construction of gas pipelines, polyethylene pipes are also widely used, which are mass-produced in our country.

The “Marygazüpjünçilik” Office regularly receives high-quality polyethylene works produced by the Open Joint Stock Company “Türkmenturba” on the basis of the instructions of the Hero of Arkadag regarding the production of import-substituting competitive products in our country. This allows specialists to carry out the construction of gas pipelines at a high level.

Smoothly organizing their work, the specialists of the construction and installation site successfully completed the reconstruction of the medium – pressure gas pipeline in the peasant association "Gyzylgum" of the Sakarchage district, thereby creating conditions for the rural population for the uninterrupted use of the good sent by the state to the people - "blue-sky fuel". This increased the joy and pride of the villagers.

In accordance with the National Program, the organization's gas builders performed construction and installation work on the reconstruction of the medium-pressure gas pipeline that supplies gas to the village of Hasyl of the peasant association "Yenish" in the Turkmengala district of the region at a high-quality level.

Thanks to the gas builders, the reconstruction of the medium-pressure gas pipeline going to the village "Medeniyet" of the peasant association "Zarpchy" of the Mary district was also carried out.

Currently, specialists and workers ' organizations continue to gasify part of the Kopri peasant association "Mekan" of the Bayramaly district of the region, reconstruction of high-pressure gas pipelines going to the peasant associations "Taze dunya" of the Turkmengala district and "Ashgabat" of the Murgap district. The construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline on the territory of the peasant association "Garashsyzlyk" of the Vekilbazar district is at the final stage. The length of this gas pipeline, laid from polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 315 mm, is 2 thousand meters. There are sufficient gas-building mechanisms and pipes here, so that construction and installation work continues at a high pace.

— Work on the construction of the gas pipeline is carried out in accordance with the established plan and at a high level. Thanks to the dedicated work of experienced gas builders, daily orders regarding construction and installation work will be carried out successfully. Fitters Atamyrat Berdiyev, Chary Reyimov, electric welder Merdan Durdyyev, gas welder Sohbet Charyyev are most distinguished in the construction of the gas pipeline. We will complete the construction of the gas pipeline in the coming days and put it into operation, - says Batyr Hudaynayev, a construction and installation site specialist for Mary region.