2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Happiness Given by Independence

Section "Let both hearts and hearths be radiant!" The new book of the Distinguished President "Independence is our happiness" is dedicated to the fuel and energy sector, including the oil and gas industry, it is an endless tribute to the citizens working in this area, and an indicator of the enormous appreciation of the contribution that employees of the oil and gas industry make to the economy of our Independent Motherland.

Especially, the story that the Turkmenbashi oil processing complex over the years of Independence has turned into a large industrial enterprise, that TOPC, in accordance with the "Program of the President of the country's socio-economic development for 2019-2025," the role of our company in the national economy and its confidence in the future. The information provided by the President that our enterprise, radically modernized and replenished with new capacities during the years of Holy Independence, is strengthening its positions in the foreign market of our country, including with a competitive product - Turkmen graffiti all over the world, is a vivid evidence of the close attention of the Hero of Arkadag to our work for the benefit of the people and the sincere participation of our National Leader in this work.

Of course, just as white bread does not come to desterhan by itself, so oil and gas and energy products are not produced by themselves. As the saying goes, "Azapsyz yerin ady yok" (There is no name for a place without difficult), therefore, turning underground reserves of "black gold", "blue fuel" into a ready-made treasure and bringing them to consumers requires organized, systematic and accurate work of field seekers, drillers, refiners raw materials, carriers, power engineers, in a word, thousands of workers, specialists and scientists. Then to receive such respect from the Leader of the country for the holy work for the good of the people, carried out by geologists who cut through the sands in winter and summer in search of deposits, operators who work day and night at the control equipment, in a word, carried out by all workers who, by their labor, ensure uninterrupted flow of flows prosperity - oil and gas, electricity - is an invaluable gift for us. We believe that the description in the book of modernized, prosperous objects of pride of the fuel and energy complex in the sands and steppes, on the coast and in the sea, samples of high-quality products, is a symbol of respect and honor for our industry, for our work.

Our pride is especially raised by the information in this section of the book that in the coming years our huge energy resources will be used not only for the purposes of our people, but also for the benefit of neighboring peoples and all mankind, thus, a prosperous, abundant and calm world will grow life.

Ashyrgeldy Nazarov,
Trade union chairman Turkmenbashi oil processing complex