Large-Scale Work Has Begun at the Garadaşly Site

It is a great happiness for every working person to reap the fruits of his or her labor. At this moment, one can feel great satisfaction, and life is filled with meaning. Such moments often happen in the life of Timur Bazarov. Being a drilling master at the Lebapnebitgazgözleg expedition of the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation, he is engaged in the discovery of underground wealth, increasing the resources of our country. The drillmaster proudly says: 

“My previous place of work was the Goturdepe field. There, at exploration well 19 ‘a’, we performed drilling operations, as a result of which an industrial inflow of ‘black gold’ was obtained. This joyful event encouraged the members of the brigade to work effectively.” 

Timur especially notes that under his leadership, the friendly team work tirelessly to increase the number of such joyful events. Recently, they have successfully completed another important production task. The drilling of the first exploratory well was successfully completed at the Garadaşly site in the Balkan velayat. The explorers of the earth’s interior reached a depth of 4,600 meters. Preliminary geological data indicate the prospects of that area. 

Currently, the testing of the first well at the new site is gaining momentum. The results obtained will show how effective the work of the prospectors of the earth’s interior is. This means that exciting moments for Timur and his teammates continue. They have a firm conviction that they will increase the wealth of our country. 

To achieve a successful end result, first of all, it is necessary to carry out drilling operations in accordance with the technical requirements. Drillers masterfully cope with this task. Timur Bazarov is a model for his employees and enthusiastically calls the names of the workers of the brigade. Among them are a driller Atajan Kandymov, driller assistants Serdar Hemrayev and Jumamyrat Rahmedov, a field geologist Penji Abdullayev and others. For the prospectors working in the field, the leaders of the Directorate create the necessary conditions for recreation and living. The unity of purpose lays a solid foundation for progress. 

“Our esteemed President attaches priority significance to the development of the oil and gas industry, which plays an important role in the economy of our country. We feel warm care for us. And it multiplies our strength. Our goal is to make the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag” favorable and to meet the upcoming holiday with great labor achievements. We will continue to spare no effort to honorably achieve this lofty goal,” the master driller Timur Bazarov confidently says.  

Yes, intensive work has begun in Garadaşli. The Lebap drillers reacted with great responsibility and a sense of duty to the fact that they would be the first to start developing a new field. Their joint efforts will pay off with interest. Not far off are the days when Garadaşly will become generous giving its wealth.