Cheleken Is a Storehouse of Hydrocarbon Resources

The comprehensive introduction of the latest achievements of science and best practices in production finds a worthy solution in the fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan. A striking example of this is the receipt at the beginning of the past year of an abundant flow of oil from appraisal well No. 707, drilled at the Eastern Cheleken field under the control of the Galkynyşnebit Oil and Gas Production Directorate of the Nebitgazçykaryş Trust of the Türkmennebit State Concern. 

The well differs from the usual ones in that the drill pipe cores are drilled in an inclined direction – diagonally. This is the first inclined hole drilled on the Cheleken Peninsula during the years of independence of our country. The volume of crude oil currently being produced from this well, which has an onshore heel with walls directed towards the shallow part of the Caspian Sea, is about 12 tons a day. 

This method, implemented in order to resume drilling operations in the shallow part of the sea on the basis of a project developed by specialists from the profile divisions of the Türkmennebit State Corporation together with scientists from the Nebitgazylmytaslama Institute, then gave a positive result for well No. 712, which was drilled in this field. The total volume of oil produced from this inclined hole with a design depth of 2,650 meters is currently 10-12 tons a day. 

This method of drilling is not only economically profitable, but also technically safe and environmentally friendly, since the main drill pipe core of the drilling rig is installed at a distance of 450-475 meters from the seashore, and after a certain limit it is directed towards the shallow water of the sea. Another feature of this innovative method, integrated into the drilling cycle, is the ability to recover crude oil from overlying reservoirs after oil has been produced from the target depth. 

In the current year, proclaimed as “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, one more of the two wells that will be drilled at the production sites of this Directorate will be drilled in the same way, that is, diagonally. 

In January of this year, the volume of production of “black gold” from existing wells at the production sites of the Galkynyşnebit Directorate amounted to more than 5 thousand 164 tons, the task was completed by 108.6 percent. During the reporting month, the enterprise produced more than 55.4 million cubic meters of associated gas, the plan was fulfilled by more than 277 percent. 

“The support of oil workers by the head of state, Arkadagly Serdar, inspires us to new achievements, increasing labour efficiency. Currently, the total number of production wells in our Directorate exceeds 170 units, and each of them is always under strict control. The design depth of wells operated in the coastal part of the Cheleken Peninsula is from 1,200 to 2,750 meters. According to geologists, there are considerable resources of crude oil in the deeper layers of the peninsula. Their effective use will be a sure start to new heights of the peninsula and further enhance its glory. We express our sincere gratitude to the esteemed President for creating wide opportunities for diligent and conscientious work in promising fields,” the chief geologist of the Directorate Dovran Bayramov says.