2022 - "2022 - "the Epoch of the People with Arkadag"
Close assistants to drillers

Since the beginning of this year, under the management of “Burnebitgazkhyzmat” of the State Concern “Turkmennebit”, thousands of meters of rocks have been dug directly by the drilling departments of “Nebitdag”, “Goturdepe”, “Korpeje” and “Ekerem”, which had a decisive impact on the industrial development of dozens of oil and gas wells. There is no doubt that the timely and uninterrupted supply of drilling, assembly and production pipes by the Concern's drilling operations depends on the effective work of the specialists of this enterprise. Works on timely delivery of pipes, which have been thoroughly checked, are carried out in the office in accordance with the advanced requirements of the time, which is fully equipped with the necessary equipment for unloading pipes to the excavation sites. For this, the enterprise effectively operates overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 12,5 tons. For the successful implementation of the oil and gas production program by the relevant departments of the Concern, such important work as maintaining the high quality of the services provided, their comprehensive implementation; drilling wells and taking measures to reduce the time for their construction; organization of careful control over the efficient use of pipes; the installation of assembly and drill pipes with minimal labor and material costs is directly entrusted to the specialists of this department.

- The work is being successfully carried out in the divisions of our enterprise on the reuse of pipes used in drilling. These pipes are straightened, screwed together and sent to drillers. Our special equipment allows us to fully determine the safety and allowable pressure of pipes sent to drillers. During the reporting period of this year, the total length of pipes, which were fully checked by our management and sent to production, exceeds 50 000 meters. Of these, 40 000 meters have been reconstructed and about 14 000 meters are new incoming pipes. Such employees such as foreman Gylychmammet Taganov, inspectors Garyagdy Mammiev, Lyudmila Kakajanova, Merjen Guljagazova work conscientiously to achieve high quality work, "says Nursoltan Shyhyeva, senior foreman of the technical service for the supervision of production and drill pipes of this Department.