2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Confident steps of repairmen

Our national Leader, possessing wisdom, global vision and foresight in managing the country, sets high goals for the fuel and energy sector of the national economy in terms of achieving a stable increase in the production of "black gold" from the bowels of the earth, the use of modern technologies and methods in oil production in the fields. , timely repair and improvement of wells, achieving a continuous supply of crude oil to the relevant facilities for further processing. Based on the instructions of the national Leader of the team for the overhaul of wells of oil refining departments of Balkan velayat, the "Nebitgazchykarysh" of State Concern "Turkmennebit" also make a significant contribution to raise to new heights of our homeland's economy and an increase in hydrocarbon production. In January-July of this year, which is held under the motto "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust", the volume of additional oil produced by the concern amounted to about 120 thousand tons, instead of the planned 96 thousand 585 tons as a result of overhaul and commissioning of oil wells. which have reduced their productivity or have been taken out of service. During the specified period, repairmen re-commissioned 313 wells instead of the planned 299 for the “Nebitgazchykarysh” trust, the total number of repaired wells reached 380 units.

During the same period, additional production of "black gold" by the oil and gas production department "Goturdenebit" amounted to about 59 thousand tons. For OGPD "Nebitdagnebit" this figure was 28 thousand tons. Thanks to the application and implementation of advanced technologies and installations, specialists have reached a qualitatively new level of work on overhaul and commissioning of wells. Over the seven months of this year, the trust produced more than 50 million cubic meters of "blue fuel" instead of the planned 4.7 million cubic meters. The main contribution to the attainment of these high performance belongs OGPD workover "Gamyshlydzhanebit".

This success achieved shows that the activities of departments workover highest modern standards. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that over the past seven months of this year, 313 wells were included in the “Nebitgazchikarysh” trust instead of 299. 

Over the past period, well workover specialists of the oil and gas producing associations "Goturdenebit", "Gumdagnebit" and "Gamyshlydzhanebit" have made a significant contribution to these remarkable achievements. Over the past seven months, the specialists of the well workover team of the oil and gas production associations "Goturdenebit" additionally produced a total of about 59 thousand tons of "black gold". At the 

 “Nebitdagnebit”, this figure was 28 thousand tons. It should be noted that the State Concern "Turkmennebit", being the largest production and economic structure of the fuel and energy complex of our Motherland, in recent years has been carrying out significant work on the exploration and industrial development of oil and gas fields.

This situation has a significant impact on the comprehensive development of the current and future periods of successful implementation of programs for the development of the oil and gas industry.

Struggling for the successful implementation of the "Program for the development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period up to 2030", the structure of the concern includes dozens of main and auxiliary associations, production of oil, natural gas, gas condensate, oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas production, gas compressor stations, as well as construction, installation and installation of gas separation equipment, including carrying out the underground and capital repairs of wells that meet the requirements, their exploration and drilling. In such urgent and modern work, it is a matter of pride that at the wells of the above trusts of the concern, the exemplary work of specialists from the well workover teams of oil and gas companies is being carried out.

As a result of the tireless concern of the esteemed President, over the past short period of time, all the associations that are part of the main and auxiliary structures of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" have been provided with modern, latest, powerful specialized oil and gas and advanced technical equipment from leading manufacturers from the USA, China, and the Russian Federation. The wells are equipped with German Bentek equipment, Chinese ZJ-70DS, Russian rigs "Uralmash", capable of digging up to seven thousand meters of rock experts workover provide installation capacity from 80 to 120 tons. It is also important to note that well workover specialists capable of managing advanced installations of foreign countries were able to produce more than 50 million cubic meters of "blue fuel" instead of 4.7 million cubic meters throughout the trust in the reporting period last year as a result of the re-commissioning of wells. Almost all the successes in this direction belong to the specialists of the well workover team of the OGPD "Gamyshlyanebit".

Today, in the wells of oil and gas production departments, which have the most powerful facilities, in the year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust", which will also be a great celebration of the glorious 30th anniversary of the country's independence, well workover specialists are further increasing their productivity to reach even new heights. There is no limit to our gratitude to our national Leader for creating broad opportunities that allow them to work effectively.