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Digital technologies are actively used in oil and gas wells

At present time, in accordance with the instructions of the esteemed President, active work is underway to introduce digital technologies into enterprises in all sectors of the national economy. Active integration of digitalization processes into the country's economy continues to this day. As part of the implementation of the instructions of the esteemed President, the drilling of new digital wells, as well as the computerization of existing ones, is widely used in the oil and gas industry. Today, through innovative solutions, the technological mode of well operation in various productive formations is controlled.

According to experts, in the Caspian region, the technology of drilling wells and obtaining production has its own characteristics, and large-scale work is underway in this direction. The change in the relief of territories close to the coastal zone, based on national and state programs, required adjustments to be made to the method of drilling wells. In this regard, the technology of horizontal directional drilling is widely used, which has increased the volume of production in the fields.

Thus, it became possible to study the state of the geological structure of the subsoil and productive layers, as well as to predict the volume of production produced using digital and innovative technologies. According to drilling experts, the depth of the well and reservoir data in a certain range are determined by the computer. When the design depth is reached, information about its geological structure is collected. Under these conditions, the volume of production is estimated at the depth of accumulation of red deposits. Based on these indications, the issue of further continuation of the drilling process or a change in the direction of further movement is decided.

At the fields "Demirgazyk Goturdepe", "Akpatlawuk" and other oil and gas fields, the technology of horizontal directional drilling is also used.

The coastal zone covers the land area close to the sea and shallow water areas. Oil and gas zones include coastal areas bordering the Gogerendag-Ekerem region. In the depths of this area, which extends for tens of kilometers, there are systems of various sedimentary layers.

According to experts, in digital sources of economic information, the experience of new discoveries in the Caspian Sea basin using innovative technologies has led to the discovery of huge volumes of hydrocarbon deposits in deeper layers.