2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
The industry meeting summed up the results of the fuel and energy complex for 6 months
The industry meeting summed up the results of the fuel and energy complex for 6 months

Today, a reporting meeting was held in the Central building of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan. The results of the work of the enterprises of the industry for January-June 2021, the motto of which is “Turkmenistan - the Homeland of Peace and Trust”, were discussed.  They also considered important aspects of the implementation of the priority tasks set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the oil and gas complex at the expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on July 9 this year, which summed up the development of the sectors of the national economic complex for the first half of this year.

At the reporting meeting, which was chaired by Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh.Abdrakhmanov, State Minister – Chairman of the State Concern «Turkmengas» B. Amanov, Chairman of SC «Turkmennebit» G. Baigeldyev, Chairman of the State Corporation «Turkmengeology» M. Rozyev, General director of TCOR D. Chishiev, Deputy Director of the company "NaPeCo" A.Khydyrov, as well as heads of departments and enterprises of the complex.

During the reporting meeting, the results of the work done by the fuel and energy complex enterprises for the reporting period were heard, as well as the key areas of implementation of the «Program for the development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan for the period up to 2030» were considered.

The meeting participants noted that according to the instructions of the leader of the nation, the necessary measures should be taken to increase the production of crude oil and gas condensate through the use of modern technologies and methods.  Also, the repair of oil wells should be carried out in a timely manner, to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of commercial oil to refineries.  In order to regulate natural gas production and increase the reliability of providing consumers with this product, the issue of building underground gas storage facilities should be actively approached.

Among the top-priority tasks noted: the increasing the efficiency of geological exploration and drilling, using innovative technologies, stepping up exploration work carried out in promising coastal zones of the Caspian Sea, and developing new discovered deposits. Large oil and gas companies and investors should be involved in this activity, including in the field of effective implementation of modern technologies.

At the end of the meeting, Vice-Chairman Sh.Abdyrakhmanov wished to achieve great labor success in the year of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, having noted the need to implement tasks aimed at ensuring the stable development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan, which stated one of the leading sectors of the economy of the country.