2021 - "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust"
Labor rates are accelerating

The glorious date of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the beloved Motherland, reaching new heights of development under the leadership of the respected President, is met with labor gifts, this goal has become an inspiration for the labor achievements of each of the oil and gas enterprises of our country. Gas builders of the Construction and Installation Trust for the Mary Velayat of the Construction and Installation Department for Gasification of the "Turkmengazupjunchilik" Association also successfully complete every working day on the pre-holiday days of the main holiday of our people.

Their work on the construction of high and medium pressure gas pipelines in the villages and cities of Mary velayat by order of the “Marygazupjunchilik” is of great importance.

Gas builders, on the basis of the National Program in accordance with the established plan for the construction of high and medium pressure gas pipelines, reconstruction and repair of existing gas pipelines in the last seven months of this year, have built, in the appropriate places have carried out the reconstruction and repair of gas pipelines with a total length of twenty-four thousand seven hundred and eighty meters, as well as completed construction and installation work in the amount of nine million seven hundred twenty-eight thousand manat. And this contributed to the further improvement of the supply of the population of many villages with natural gas.

Since the beginning of this year, gas workers have completed the construction of one thousand sixteen meters of a gas pipeline in the Daykhan association "Bereket" of the Yoloten etrap of the velayat, one thousand six hundred and eighty-three meters of a gas pipeline in the Daykhan "Zahmet" association of the Turkmengala etrap and one thousand nine hundred and five meters of a gas pipeline at the Daykhan association "Gonur" Vekilbazar etrap and also reconstructed existing gas pipelines.

Thanks to this, the joy and pride of the inhabitants of these villages is boundless. Each of the happy citizens who use the state's bestowed benefits to our people expresses gratitude to the Hero of Arkadag.

Recently, specialists and workers reconstructed and put into operation a high-pressure gas pipeline with a length of three thousand three hundred meters in the villages of the village council named after Gylych Sahetmuradov of the Murgap etrap of the velayat.

-The uninterrupted supply of the necessary pipes and other materials by the “Marygazupjunchilik” Administration allowed us to carry out the work on the reconstruction of this gas pipeline in a timely manner and with high quality. Some gas builders have been hard at work in this work. Among them are highly qualified electric and gas welders Annageldy Khodzhaberdiev, Dovran Atayev, locksmith Akmyrat Bayramgulyev, truck crane driver Rejep Aydogdyev, machine operators Allamyrat Gurbanov, Sapargylych Annayev.

Currently, we are rapidly working on the reconstruction of medium and high pressure gas pipelines at the Dovletli livestock farm in the Yoloten etrap of the velayat and in the Daykhan association “Daykhan” of the Tagtabazar etrap we will complete this task in the coming days. This will be our labor gift for the glorious holiday - the 30th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan said Borzhak Hommadov, an expert of the construction and assembly in Mary velayat.