Şatlyk Sanatorium: Both Recreation and Treatment
saglygyny pugtalandyrmak

In these summer days, at the medical and health centers, sanatorium and resort institutions of the country, including subordinate preventive sanatoriums, there is no end to those who want to pamper themselves with cultural recreation, and at the same time to improve their health. According to the instructions of the head of state, each of these institutions has created all the necessary conditions for improving the health and good rest of the people of Turkmenistan, which certainly causes deep satisfaction among vacationers. 

The Şatlyk Sanatorium of the Marygazçykaryş Directorate of the Türkmengaz State Concern is one of the favorite places for recreation and maintaining the health of our compatriots who come from different parts of the country. 

The territory of the Sanatorium, located on the picturesque bank of the Karakum River, is literally buried under the dense crowns of majestic trees. Oxygenated clean air and fragrant coolness create a favorable atmosphere there for the effectiveness of the treatment and preventive procedures at the Sanatorium, which can accommodate more than 100 vacationers in one shift. 

Those crossing the threshold of this institution from the first minutes can expect a warm welcome, immediate registration and accommodation in rooms with all amenities for comfortable living and recreation, and of course, high-quality service throughout the course of treatment. After all, the main criterion for the work of service personnel is the recognition by vacationers, most of whom from year to year make a choice in favor of Şatlyk. 

During their stay in the Sanatorium, owing to the preventive procedures carried out for 10 days, vacationers can feel a significant improvement in physiological terms, especially in the presence of such ailments as rheumatism and joint pain (arthritis, bursitis) and disorders of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal intestinal tract. 

Hydrogen sulfide water, extracted on the territory of the Sanatorium from a depth of 1,350 meters, is one of the priority means of the institution in improving people’s health and is used in many health procedures. Its main feature is the presence of many microelements in the composition of water, taking into account its natural origin.

Therefore, iodine-bromine mineral baths, a sauna and a pool with this life-giving moisture are welcome procedures for everyone who skillfully combines the useful with the pleasant. 

In strengthening human health, a particularly important role is given to daily physical exercises and sports. For this, excellent conditions are also created in the Sanatorium.

In the gym, equipped with all the necessary sports and exercise equipment, vacationers spend time with benefits for the body and soul, doing physical therapy, thereby increasing good spirits.  

The healing process is preceded by a consultation with a general practitioner, then patients are prescribed such procedures as physiotherapy, acupuncture, electric and manual massage, mud therapy using Mollakara healing clay and thermotherapy using paraffin and ozokerite, which have a beneficial effect on the health of patients with cardiovascular diseases, ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, rheumatism and arthralgia. 

“Our compatriots can be convinced with their own eyes that rest and treatment at sanatoriums are of particular importance in strengthening human health. In this regard, there are more and more people who want to relax and improve their health both at our institution and at other sanatoriums of the country every year. In these summer days, during the holiday season, a huge number of people from different regions of the country come to our sanatorium. Our entire team make every effort to ensure that our patients are satisfied with their stay with us and our services. Of course, like any work, this gives its positive results,” the Acting Director of the Şatlyk Preventive Sanatorium, therapist Byashimdurdy Jumadurdiyev says.