Youth in Demand in Modern Society
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The upbringing of an erudite, comprehensively developed younger generation, who are the future of the country and its people, is a task of national importance. A worthy contribution to this truly noble cause is made by teachers and specialists of vocational school No. 15 of the Seydi Oil Refinery, who with great enthusiasm participate in the formation of young people who are in demand in modern society. 

“Every year, hundreds of young people who successfully graduate from our vocational school receive a start in life, and we make every effort to ensure that in the future their joining the ranks of highly qualified professionals,” Jahanguly Beshimov, Director of the educational institution, says. 

He told about the recent festive ceremony to mark the next graduation of vocational schools. During the celebration on the occasion of the presentation of the diplomas to future specialists at the end of the one and a half year courses, the teachers and mentors wished their pupils to find a worthy place in life, to make a feasible contribution to the transformation of their homeland and to continue to improve their professional skills, enjoying every working day. 

In turn, the graduates expressed their sincere gratitude to the Hero-Arkadag and Arkadagly Serdar. Words of gratitude were also addressed to the teachers who taught the children not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. The graduates also assured those present that they would take an active part in the life of the country, contributing to its prosperity. 

Currently, more than 400 students are studying at vocational schools. Most of them in the future wish to connect their lives with oil and gas enterprises that provide basic services to the country’s economy. These days, a group of students is on probation. 

Among them are future representatives of such sought-after professions as an operator for the collection and discharge of oil and gas, an adjuster of instrumentation and automation, operators of petrochemical and oil refining industries and other popular specialties. Naturally, most of the students are on probation at the Seydi oil refinery. Many employees of this large manufacturing enterprise are graduates of this educational institution. With their conscientious work, they make a worthy contribution to the socioeconomic development of our country.  

Future specialists willingly adopt from their mentors the features of the organization of labor in sophisticated production processes and comprehend the intricacies of the profession. Of course, the task is not an easy one, but the support of production masters-mentors, such as Emelay Nurullayeva, Leyla Kurbanova and Gozel Jepbarova, contribute to the smooth overcoming of their fear and confusion before mastering the new. 

It is worth noting that all the necessary conditions have been created there for students to receive in-depth education and master their favorite professions at a high level. Classrooms and workshops are fully supplied with the necessary educational and visual aids, demonstration materials and equipment. 

There are also ample opportunities and favorable conditions so that students can meaningfully and usefully spend their free time, be engaged in self-development and do sports. That is why young people willingly choose this school for vocational training. Next month, students, who are currently on probation, will take state exams and become holders of long-awaited diplomas. A new group of young people is preparing to enter this educational institution. Thus, the learning process continues, year after year, course after course...