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Residents of Dashoguz Enjoy the Benefits of “Blue Fuel” All Year Round

The gas workers of the Daşoguzşähergaz Gas Organization carry out seasonal work in an organized manner during the autumn-winter period, which is characterized by relatively low temperatures. At present, the staff of the Organization, which achieves high results in providing natural gas to the population and enterprises of the administrative center of the region – the city of Dashoguz, together with the employees of the Daşoguzşäherýylylyk Directorate of the Dashoguz Velayat Public Utilities Association, also work to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the heating networks operating in the city. 

As a result, they overhauled and fully prepared for the heating season gas control units and gas pipelines connected to 61 boiler houses operating in the city. Thanks to this, today, in accordance with the requirements, 370 residential buildings, 27 buildings of departmental organizations, the same number of secondary schools, two children’s health-improving schools and hundreds of private houses are being supplied with heating. Gas users of the regional center express their gratitude to the gasmen of the Organization, who ensure the round-the-clock coordinated operation of the municipal gas supply system, including pipelines of various pressures with a total length of 550 kilometers, running through the city, and 445 gas distribution and regulatory installations. 

“I live in the Merkez-1 residential complex in the city of Dashoguz. As a result of the efforts and care of the Hero-Arkadag and Arkadagly Serdar for the wellbeing of the population and the prosperity of the homeland, in recent years our city has changed beyond recognition. Recently, the operation of the gas supply system has also improved significantly. As a result of the uninterrupted supply of “blue fuel” to all households in the city, we have the opportunity to enjoy its benefits and comfortable living conditions. In the event of a malfunction of the operating household gas equipment, we immediately inform the Daşoguzşähergaz Gas Organization by phone, and its specialists urgently carry out inspection and repair work of household appliances. Therefore, we are satisfied with the service provided by the gas workers of the Organization,” the city dweller Arazmyrat Amanov says with gratitude. 

“Employees of the emergency registration service of our Organization are ready to serve the population around the clock. Calls from natural gas consumers are received here, this information is urgently processed by our specialists, and then decisions how to eliminate emerging problems are made. Thanks to the regular scheduled inspection of gas equipment, we manage to prevent the possible consequences of malfunctions of gas equipment both in households and at organizations and enterprises,” the head of the service Meretgeldy Amanov says. 

“In this regard, the work of our service employees, such as an order taker Gulruh Yusupova, repairmen Shohrat Kultayev, Genje Dosjanov and Allaberdy Meretdurdiyev and drivers of specialized vehicles Farhat Kakabayev and Gurbanmuhammet Meredov, is exemplary for many,” M. Amanov continues. 

Being in the velayat center, we witnessed the implementation of program activities to prepare for the winter season the municipal gas transmission system with pipelines of various pressures by the workers and technical staff of the Daşoguzşähergaz Gas Organization since the beginning of the current year. 

In particular, as a result of cleaning and overhaul of existing gas pipelines in the Novruz residential complex and the Merkez-1, Suvchy and Gulistan settlements, the throughput of the gas supply system has been significantly increased. This will allow the uninterrupted supply of “blue fuel” to urban consumers of natural gas during the forthcoming winter season.