The happy youth with Arkadag Serdar
There Will Be no Interruptions in Gas Supply

Thanks to the hard work of the employees of the gas facilities of the Marygazüpjünçilik Directorate, the people of the region are uninterruptedly provided with natural gas all year round. Enjoying the benefits and comfort in everyday life due to the stable operation of the gas supply system, the residents of the Mary velayat express their sincere gratitude to Arkadagly Serdar, who cares about the wellbeing of the people in the Period of the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State. 

The work to provide the residents of the villages of one of the largest etraps in the region, the Sakarchaga etrap, is carried out by specialists of the Sakarçägeetrapgaz gas organization, who approach their professional duties with great responsibility. To date, gas workers serve about 33,787 households and 56 organizations and enterprises located in the etrap territory. 

Under their strict control, a gas transmission line of high, medium and low pressure with a total length of 1,355 km 602 meters is operated. In addition, in connection with the annual replenishment of the population of the etrap, gas workers are working to increase the volume of gas pipeline pipes, repair them in the necessary sections, and also, according to the national program, lay new gas supply lines in new settlements. 

Over the past period of this year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”, gas workers, together with specialists from the construction and installation branch for gasification of the Mary velayat of the Construction and Installation Directorate of the Türkmengazüpjünçilik Association, have done a large amount of purposeful work in this direction, including overhaul at the relevant sections of the high-pressure gas pipeline supplying “blue fuel” in the Soltanyaz gengeshlik. The section of this gas pipeline with a length of 2,800 meters was laid above the surface of the earth. 

In connection with the increase in the population of the Gorgangala gengeshlik, in order to prevent a shortage of “blue fuel”, the pipes of the high-pressure gas pipeline section with a length of 850 meters and a diameter of 114 mm were replaced by pipes with a diameter of 219 mm. The gas workers also completed work on replacing the pipes of the gas supply line supplying natural gas to the Aynakol and Agzybir gengeshliks and reconstructed the entire gas transmission system of those gengeshliks. 

In the town of Sakarchage, which is the center of the etrap, families were allocated plots for the construction of residential buildings, due to which new residential areas were formed. Thus, according to the domestic gasification program, the gas workers built a medium-pressure gas supply line with a length of 1,063 meters with a pipe diameter of 76 mm. The final stage of the gasification of new settlements was the commissioned gas distribution and gas control units. 

The Head of this Enterprise Arslan Akveliyev tells about the work carried out by the gas workers of the Sakarçägeetrapgaz organization: 

“At present, according to the national program, gasification work is carried out on the territory of new settlements of the Chashgyn gengeshlik. The construction and installation works of the gas pipeline line with a length of 1,160 meters of high and medium pressure continue. This pipeline with a diameter of 114 and 159 mm is planned to be put into operation before the end of this year. 

“The autumn-winter period is considered a crucial season for gas workers. Therefore, every year we meet this season prepared at a high level. According to the plan, in strict accordance with the requirements, we carry out inspection, repair and restoration of gas pipelines and gas control and distribution installations. And as always, masters of their craft, experienced specialists, distinguished themselves in this matter. These are a foreman of the gas meter registration service Bayram Hasanov, locksmiths of the external gas pipeline maintenance service Gurbangeldy Allakov, Berdymurad Chariyev, Guvanch Yagshiyev and Baysahet Durdiyev and locksmiths of the household gas appliances repair service Maksat Yazdurdiyev and Mergen Jumaliyev, who, having a rather rich work experience, skillfully apply it in practice. Our employees also regularly meet with residents of the etrap and carry out explanatory work among the population about the safe and rational use of ‘blue fuel’.”