The happy youth with Arkadag Serdar
The Focus Is on a High Level of Service

In our homeland, recognized as one of the major energy producers of the modern world, large-scale transformations in this industry contribute to strengthening the economic power of the state and raising the social and living standards of the population. In order to implement the tasks, set by Arkadagly Serdar for the further development of the fuel and energy complex, purposeful activities are carried out in the structures of the Türkmennebitönümleri Main Directorate of the TCOR. 

This can be seen on the example of the successful operation of the Serdar Oil Products Enterprise in the Balkan velayat. One of the main and invariable tasks at the Enterprise, which achieves high labor productivity in the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”, is to ensure cleanliness and order in the workplace and to observe the rules for the operation of production equipment and safety. 

Both the well-coordinated work of the teams of the stations of the Enterprise, and the uninterrupted operation of technological equipment for various purposes should be noted. When supplying various grades of fuel and lubricating oils, special attention is paid to compliance with the rules of environmental safety. By the way, the Serdar Oil Products Enterprise is one of the largest divisions of the Directorate. Owing to modern technologies and innovative equipment, the stations have established the uninterrupted supply of fuel, lubricating oils and other types of petroleum products and the maintenance of private cars and vehicles of organizations and enterprises of the public and private sectors of the town of Serdar and such etraps as Magtymguly and Bereket.  

Transformations carried out by the state in order to improve the social and living standards of the population, to improve the quality of services provided, to replenish the number of social facilities and to modernize operating ones – all this requires the direct active participation of all structures and departments of the Directorate. So, in the sphere of services to the population, the activities of the Oil Products Enterprise have been successfully established. Nine subordinate stations operating around the clock, as well as a mobile gas station, are fitted with innovative equipment with a computer control system. The key to the success of the stations is the quality of the services provided, including daily laboratory tests of the quality of samples of petroleum products offered to consumers. 

According to the research results, a quality certificate is issued for each type of product, which is then sold to consumers. Innovative technological equipment allows performing constant proper control over the quality of petroleum products, the reliable use of fuel storage tanks and the strict observance of environmental safety. 

The Enterprise is also successfully implementing the tasks arising from the Resolution “On the processing of waste of lubricating oils and other petroleum products”. This provides ample opportunities for the application of all measures for the rational use of oil and oil products, environment protection and the ensuring of the healthy life of the people of Turkmenistan. 

Over the past seven months of the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”, during the period of the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State, the profit of the Enterprise amounted to 11 million 457 thousand manats, and the planned obligations were fulfilled by 109%. During this period, the Enterprise sold more than 48 thousand 807 tons of oil products, which is 1.5 thousand tons more compared to the same period last year. 

The specialists of the Enterprise, meeting the holidays and significant dates with impressive labor achievements, express their sincere gratitude to Arkadagly Serdar for the creation of proper working conditions and the opportunity to contribute to the prosperity of the Motherland.