The happy youth with Arkadag Serdar
Geophysicists Exceed Production Plans

In the year of celebration of the 31st anniversary of the independence of our country, proclaimed as “The Era of the People with Arkadag”, the work of the Türkmennebitgeofizika Directorate of the Türkmennebit State Concern is marked by new achievements. 

In his speeches, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov repeatedly highlights the importance of taking timely measures in order to continue the successful development of the domestic fuel and energy complex, which certainly contributes to strengthening the economic power of our country, and raising the social and living standards of the population. 

Therefore, the state provides comprehensive support to this sector. The successful implementation of the development program, aimed at modernizing sectoral structures based on the introduction of innovative technologies and advanced developments into production, is one of the important and urgent tasks, in the solution of which the specialists of the Türkmennebitgeofizika Directorate, who master innovative technologies and skillfully manage modern high performance machinery and equipment, make every effort. 

Thanks to the cohesion of the team and a responsible approach of each employee to the tasks set, the Directorate managed to exceed the production plan for the past eight months of this year by an additional several million manats. 

It is impossible to imagine prospecting and exploration work at deposits throughout the territory of our country without the participation and productive work of specialists from this Directorate. The geophysicists of the advanced Enterprise conduct a thorough study of the geophysical formations of existing wells in hydrocarbon-rich fields and new wells where drilling continues and other urgent measures.  

An important role in this matter is assigned to laboratories, located in Balkanabat, and mobile laboratories based on powerful vehicles purchased from abroad. Over the past 5-6 years, skillfully using the innovative technology of the oil and gas complex, the Directorate has confidently entered the ranks of modern enterprises with a dynamic growth in production indicators. 

The production and geophysical service, the repair service for logging equipment and borehole geophysical equipment and the Directorate’s expeditions supplied with high-tech equipment ensure the successful solution of these tasks. 

Over the past seven months of the current year, the total volume of work executed by the Directorate exceeded 47.5 million manats. This is 8.7 million manats more than it had been planned for that period. A worthy contribution to the growth of production indicators is made by the groups of industrial and geophysical expeditions of the towns of Hazar and Ekerem and the Balkanabat expedition for the introduction of high-tech equipment and computer technologies. 

Currently, the relevant structures of the Enterprise are successfully conducting geophysical surveys of wells being developed in the fields of the western region and performing other important work. Each of the geophysicists is proud of their worthy contribution to strengthening the economic power of our country and expresses sincere gratitude to the President for creating favorable conditions for achieving high production rates.