Employees of the Gündogargazakdyryş Directorate are at the Forefront in Supplying the Mary and Lebap Velayats with “Blue Fuel”

Through the efforts of the employees of the Gündogargazakdyryş Directorate, which is the largest advanced production unit of the Türkmengazakdyryş Association, in order to ensure the round-the-clock provision of the population of the Mary and Lebap velayats, as well as organizations and enterprises located on their territory, the uninterrupted supply of “blue fuel” through high-pressure gas pipelines has been established. 

Today, the Directorate’s gas workers serve high-pressure pipeline branches with a total length of two thousand eight hundred and eight kilometers, which lie on the territory of two velayats. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the production services of the Enterprise, the planned obligations for the transportation of natural gas are successfully fulfilled every month. 

The provision of electricity to thirty-three gas distribution stations and five gas control units in the territory of the Mary velayat is under the close supervision of specialists from this Directorate. 

The maintenance and control of electrochemical protection of high-pressure gas pipelines with a total length of one thousand twenty-four kilometers six hundred and sixty-three meters on the territory of the velayat and cathodic protection stations are also one of the components of the tasks of employees of this production service. Today, one hundred and nine cathodic protection stations, which are of particular importance in protecting the underground part of high-pressure gas pipelines from corrosion, operate there. Regular inspection and diagnostics of malfunctions during the operation of stations and timely repair work ensure the uninterrupted production process. 

At the production service, headed by an experienced specialist Ruslan Atdayev, both specialists with a long work experience and young trainees work. Among them are a leading engineer Artyk Kakajanov, a senior foreman Kakabay Konayev, an electrician Yunus Sylabov and others make a worthy contribution to the successful fulfillment of the planned obligations. Young people represented by Guvanch Bayramov, Yazgeldy Chariyev, Mekan Hommadov and Vekil Hudayberdiyev try to follow experienced masters of their craft in everything, honing their mastery and professional skills with the help of mentors. 

Acquainting ourselves with the ongoing work at the production sites of the Directorate, we also talked with the Chief Power Engineer of the Enterprise Azat Akiyev.

“The gas workers of this production service solve important tasks to ensure the continuous supply of ‘blue fuel’ to consumers through high-pressure gas pipelines serviced by our Directorate in accordance with planned obligations. Since an important condition for production is compliance with the requirements for the protection against corrosion of underground pipelines, for the provision of electricity to gas distribution stations and gas control units along gas pipelines in accordance with the technological conditions,” Azat Akiyev says.