Ekerem drillers Make a Valuable Contribution to the Overall Success of the Türkmennebit State Concern

The Türkmennebit State Concern, being a large production and economic complex of the economy of Turkmenistan, carries out the geological exploration and development of deposits, thereby making a worthy contribution to the integrated implementation of key programs for the development of the sector. 

From the first days of his work as head of state, in his speeches and decisions made on the development of the domestic fuel and energy complex, Arkadagly Serdar emphasizes that the issues of increasing the capacity of the Concern are one of the priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan. This puts forward the task of increasing the financial and economic indicators and income of enterprises through the implementation of production obligations of the sectoral structures of the Concern. 

Guided by this, the specialists of the drilling directorates of the Nebitgazburawlaýyş Trust of the State Concern demonstrate an example of inspired labor that corresponds to the spirit of this year, proclaimed as “The Era of the People with Arkadag”. 

As a result of drilling operations over the past seven months of 2022, 20 wells were commissioned to hydrocarbon resource producers, of which 19 are operational, which generally indicates the successful activity of the drillers of the Trust, who are confidently moving to new heights. 

During the past reporting period of the current year, the Türkmennebit State Concern produced about 2 million 123 thousand tons of “black gold” and about 2 billion 613 million cubic meters of “blue fuel” from industrially developed fields, while the plan was fulfilled by 101.1% and 115.3%, respectively. This is also the merit of the drillers among whom it is worth noting the specialists of the Ekerem drilling directorate. 

In recent years, the technical fleet of the Concern’s drilling directorates has been replenished with innovative equipment and installations manufactured in Germany, the USA, China and Russia. Specialists of the Ekerem drilling directorate are excellent at operating new equipment. It should be especially noted that powerful drilling rigs purchased in China and Russia and designed for drilling to a depth of 7,000 meters, make it possible to develop deposits in the Miocene layers and thereby to contribute to a significant expansion of the volumes of hydrocarbon resources available for development. 

Over the past seven months, the Directorate successfully completed drilling operations at five wells in the fields of Western Turkmenistan and coped with the planned obligations. 

“Our main goal is to justify the confidence put in us by Arkadagly Serdar, who sets high goals for the Turkmen oilmen,” Murat Gurbanberdiyev, the chief geologist of the Ekerem drilling directorate says.

He noted that over the past seven months of this year, wells drilled at the Uzynada, Keymir, Ekerem, Altyguyi and Demirgazyk Goturdepe fields in the western region had been highly productive. Well No. 77 with a design depth of 6 thousand 750 meters at the Uzynada field was commissioned to the Gumdagnebit oil and gas production directorate, and today its average daily flow rate is 91 tons of “black gold” and 75 thousand cubic meters of “blue fuel”. 

“Wells No. 80, No. 94, No. 140 and No. 350, operated by the Keýmir, Gamyşlyjanebit and Goturdepenebit oil and gas production directorates, met our expectations,” Murat Gurbanberdiyev says. 

Nine of fourteen drilling teams of the Directorate are drilling new wells at different sites, while the remaining five crews are moving to new oil and gas fields. 

“Teams led by experienced mentors and masters of their craft Ovez Gurbanov, Gurbandurdy Amandurdiyev and Rovshen Garayev are strengthening faith in the successful achievement of the goals,” Murat Gurbanberdiyev proudly told in a conversation with us.