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IOGU Students at Work Practice

Students of Yagshygeldi Kakayev International Oil and Gas University underwent practical training in the directorates and trusts of the oil and gas industry. The production process established at modern enterprises of the country’s fuel and energy complex with the introduction of high innovative technologies contributed to the practical assimilation of theoretical knowledge by them. 

3rd-year students of the Department of Oil and Gas Well Drilling of the Faculty of Oil and Gas of the University had work practice at the underground repair and overhaul workshops of the Marygazçykaryş and Döwletabatgazçykaryş Directorates of the Türkmengaz State Concern and in the expedition teams of the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation in the Mary velayat for 4 weeks. 

Master classes by experienced mentors on compliance with drilling equipment operating instructions and safety requirements contributed to the enrichment of students’ knowledge, which is the key to their future successful professional activity. 

The students were especially interested in the drilling of exploration and production wells at the Galkynyş gas field, carried out by the drillers of the Türkmengazburawlaýysh Directorate of the Türkmengaz State Concern. They were given an opportunity not only to acquaint themselves with the operation of high-performance equipment manufactured in China, but also to take a direct part in a complex production process, including geological exploration, drilling and well construction. 

The specialists of the Directorate told the trainees in detail about the features of the operational and exploratory drilling of wells in the Galkynyş field, which is the second largest gas resources in the world. 

“Industrial and practical classes conducted under the supervision of experienced specialists of the Türkmengaz State Concern and the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation, valuable advice and consultations of skillful mentors were reflected in the effectiveness and significance of the practice. 

“In accordance with the training and production plan, students, taking part in drilling operations, learned to independently use the geological information applied in the drilling process. The practice provided an opportunity for the young people to be actually acquainted with the technology of drilling wells and to find answers to their questions about the assembly and operation of drilling equipment. There they managed to master the process and technology of the preparation of drilling fluids. 

“In a word, the work practice contributed to the visual assimilation of theoretical knowledge by students,” Yakupgeldi Amaniyazov, lecturer at the Department of Oil and Gas Well Drilling, Faculty of Oil and Gas of the University said.