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The TAPI Gas Pipeline to Become a Powerful Bridge of Cooperation between the Countries Participating in the Project

Every year on December 14, Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of Oil and Gas Industry and Geology Workers. Its appearance in the calendar of holidays and memorable dates of the country is associated with an important economic event – the commissioning of the Turkmenistan–China gas pipeline. And on December 13, 2015, with the participation of the leaders of four countries, the construction of the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India (TAPI) gas pipeline was launched. 

The length of TAPI is approximately 1,814 kilometers. At the same time, 214 kilometers of the transnational pipeline have been laid across the territory of our country, which at the end point will reach the settlement of Fazilka in India. The annual capacity of the new pipeline, which is of great economic importance for all participating countries, will be 33 billion cubic meters. 

The start of the construction of this international gas pipeline, originating from the Galkynyş gas field in the ancient Mary land, went down in history as an important event, demonstrating the implementation by Turkmenistan of the successful policy to diversify its energy exports. With the implementation of the TAPI project, about 12 thousand new jobs will be created. 

The operation of the TAPI gas pipeline will have a beneficial effect on the economies of a number of countries and will increase the export potential of Turkmen natural gas. Therefore, the parties show great interest in the timely implementation of this project, carrying out a number of important measures. 

In this regard, important issues were raised during several meetings of the countries participating in the project in Ashgabat. It was noted that Turkmenistan was taking effective concrete steps in the implementation of the project. And this is not by chance, since the creation of a universal system for the supply of Turkmen energy resources to world markets is one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the state. It was for this purpose that a number of complexes of modern installations for the development of gas fields were built.  

On January 4 this year, during his working visit to the Mary velayat, the Hero-Arkadag noted that a large amount of investments was directed to the oil and gas complex in the country, these funds were of no small importance in the development of the industry, in the provision of manufacturing enterprises with the necessary equipment, in geological exploration and drilling and in the industrial development of new deposits. The consistent implementation of large-scale projects in this strategic area is a significant contribution to the intensification of international cooperation and the formation of a unified global energy security architecture that meets the realities and requirements of the time. In this regard, it is necessary to constantly keep the level of safety of work, performed in the oil and gas fields, in the spotlight. 

Turkmenistan, which has colossal reserves of hydrocarbon resources, is consistently implementing a comprehensive strategy aimed at the innovative development of the fuel and energy sector. Its important components are the effective use of the potential of the oil and gas complex, the modernization of the core infrastructure based on advanced technologies and the latest developments, the increase in the production capacities of the mining and processing industries and the development of export directions for “blue fuel” on a multi-vector basis. 

The construction of the important Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India gas pipeline project is a concrete example of the diversification of Turkmen natural gas exports. At the suggestion of the Turkmen party, the Asian Development Bank provides financial resources for the implementation of this project. Its great importance is also confirmed by experts from reputable international organizations, since the gas pipeline will contribute to the stabilization of the political situation in the region. 

Each of the participating countries will receive enormous economic benefits from the implementation of the project. The significance of the TAPI gas pipeline is especially important for Turkmenistan, since the main direction of the international energy strategy of the state is the export of Turkmen natural gas to world markets on a long-term and stable basis. Summarizing, it should be noted that the TAPI gas pipeline will become a powerful bridge for economic cooperation among countries.