Comprehensive Transformation of the Regions and Industries of the Country

The priority areas of the socioeconomic policy implemented in our country are a vivid reflection of the tasks defined in the Program “The Revival of the New Era of the Sovereign State: The National Program of the Socioeconomic Development of Turkmenistan for 2022-2052”. In this regard, it is necessary to highlight the implementation of effective measures to achieve economic growth, to diversify the sectoral structure of the economy, to improve the social and living standards of the population, to deepen market and economic reforms and to ensure the stable development of the country’s regions and industries. 

The Balkan velayat is one of the intensively developing regions of Turkmenistan. Of no small importance in the development of the velayat is the International Seaport in Turkmenbashi, located on its territory and fitted with advanced equipment and innovative technologies. This complex plays an important role in strengthening the country’s transit potential, developing multimodal transport corridors and increasing the volume of international trade not only for Turkmenistan, but for the entire Central Asian region. This large transport and logistics hub is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe; on average, 1,500-1,600 ships enter its water area annually, and this figure is steadily growing. 

As it is provided for in the National Program for the Socioeconomic Development of Turkmenistan for the next 30 years, our country invests large financial resources in various sectors of the economy. The main investments in the transport and communications sector are made for the development of motor, air, railway, river and sea communications, the construction of roads, the improvement of the telecommunications system and communications, an increase in traffic volumes, a more efficient use of the geopolitical position and the transit and transport potential of the country, an increase in passenger and freight traffic and the creation of new transit corridors.  

The construction of the Kazakhstan–Turkmenistan–Iran international railway and a new International Airport in Jebel and an increase in transit and multimodal cargo transportation are identified as important tasks facing the transport sector of our Motherland. Many countries of the world are attracted by the existing potential of Turkmenistan in terms of the convenient transportation of goods and passengers in a short time. Turkmenistan guarantees the safety of freight and passenger traffic in the North–South and East–West directions. 

The stable situation, the unity of the people and strictly observed environmental requirements arouse the interest of the countries of the world and large companies in the development of cooperation with our country. The policy of permanent neutrality and good neighborly relations pursued by the government of Turkmenistan contributes to the further progress of the work carried out in this direction. Turkmenistan sees a great impetus for interregional economic cooperation in the wide realization of the potential of the transport system and transit and transport corridors. 

At an off-site sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers, timed to coincide with the President’s festive trip to the Balkan velayat, which took place on April 14 of the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”, the modernization of the oil and gas, chemical, energy, transport and logistics sectors and the development of such areas as the mining and light industries were identified as the main directions of the development of the velayat for the coming years. The importance of introducing world experience and achievements of science, digital systems and innovative technologies into the economy of the region by attracting large investments in all structures of the industrial complex was emphasized. 

Taking into account the rich potential of the natural resources of the Balkan velayat, in particular the hydro-mineral resources of the Garabogazgol Bay, there are great prospects for the development of the chemical industry and the integrated development of the production of new types of chemical products for the purpose of import substitution. At the Kiyanly Polymer Plant, purposeful work is being carried out to establish the production of chemicals necessary for various fields of activity.  

a machinist at the Kenar oil storing and loading enterprise, Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries.