Balkan Hydrogeologists Replenish Drinking Water Supplies

The labor collectives of the Türkmennebit State Concern, which is one of the major production structures of the national economy of our country, which is marked by achievements, are confidently moving forward in the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag” to new heights of development. 

A vivid evidence of this is the volumes of about 12 thousand tons of “black gold” and more than 300 million cubic meters of “blue fuel” produced by the Concern over the past 6 months. Hydrogeologists also make a worthy contribution to the success of hydrocarbon producers. After all, providing oil workers with technical and industrial water is one of the important conditions for their labor productivity. 

This is the task of the team of the Concern’s Water Supply Directorate, which successfully copes with the duties of water supply to settlements, where the families of oil and gas producers mainly live. In the first half of the current year, the volume of water supplied to consumers amounted to 2 million 87 thousand cubic meters, which indicates a responsible approach of the Directorate to solving the tasks set. So, for the reporting period, based on the results of the work done by the order of the relevant departments of the Concern, the Directorate managed to fulfill the plan by 104.3%. 

Water is the main prerequisite for the successful uninterrupted operation of the production structure of the domestic fuel and energy complex. The specialists of the Enterprise, simultaneously with providing the population with clean drinking water coming from the drinking water plant and wells into a single water supply network, also organize the supply of technical water from vertical water wells to production facilities through pipelines. 

Significant results of the implementation of the General Program of the Provision of Clean Drinking Water to the Settlements of Turkmenistan are a complex of large-scale activities carried out over the past few years by Turkmen oilmen to build and overhaul water wells in the territory of the Ýasha field, where large water resources have been discovered. Drinking water produced daily from water intakes, operating on the territory of the unique underground lake, is uninterruptedly delivered to consumers. This is achieved through high-quality repair and restoration work at 49 production wells at the Ýasha site within the scheduled technical terms. 

Lake Ýasha is a rare miracle that nature bestowed on the Turkmen people. The fresh and salt water deposits of that region are adjacent to each other. Brackish and salty waters extracted deep from the bowels of the earth flow into an open surface reservoir, around which a green oasis rich in wild flora and fascinating with its unique beauty thrives. The length of the underground lake located in the sands of the Karakum Desert, 125 kilometers south of the town of Balkanabat, is 60 kilometers, and its width is 25 kilometers. 

At the Ýasha field, there are only about 50 aquifers with fresh and salt water and control and observation wells located 500 meters from each other. The average depth of wells with fresh and salt water from the underground lake is 90 and 123 meters, respectively. An observation well at the water intake, the average depth of which is 108 meters, is necessary to study the groundwater regime, to determine changes in its chemical composition, to control the impact of salt water on fresh one, and, if necessary, to timely prevent their interpenetration into each other. 

Clean drinking water coming from the Ýasha field is sent through the pipeline to such settlements in the region as Balkanabat, Gumdag, Uzboy and Goturdepe. 

The desalinated waters of the Caspian Sea from the Ekerem complex of seawater desalination plants located on the sea coast are supplied to the population of the villages of Garadepe, Ekerem and Gamyshlyja. Technical water taken from the vertical water intakes of the branches Garagijak, Balayshem and Jebel of the Balkanabat Department of the Directorate plays a particularly important role in landscaping and beautification of the territory of the town of Balkanabat and nearby settlements. Over the past period of this year, compared to the same period of the last year, the increase in technical water extracted by the Balkanabat branch from underground deposits amounted to 28 thousand cubic meters. Significant progress in this direction has also been achieved at the Ekerem complex of seawater desalination plants.